Top TikTok Video Ideas To Win Over Your Audience

Sep 15, 2023

TikTok Video Ideas To Win Over Your Audience and Grow Your Brand

When TikTok hit the mainstream market, most people believed it would be just a fad. Now, the platform has over one billion active users and is one of the most downloaded apps in the last decade. For businesses, the platform presents a great opportunity for promoting their brand's message and products or services to wider audiences, and the key to effective TikTok marketing is putting out good content and doing it consistently. A surefire way to create high-quality TikToks is to research fresh and engaging ideas, taking the specifics of this app and its user demographics into consideration. In this guide, we’ll take you through thebest TikTok video ideas and tips to enhance the quality of your videos and help build your presence on this platform.

4 Video Ideas for TikTok That Will Suit Any Brand

While TikTok’s huge audience represents an excellent opportunity for businesses, high traffic and engagement rates mean you have to keep producing fresh content that stands out to attract followers. These ideas can help you get started:

  1. Starting a branded hashtag challenge
  2. Participating in trends
  3. Creating videos that bring value
  4. Using the power of influencers

Launch a Branded Hashtag Challenge

Source: Gary ButterfieldHashtag challenges are much more popular on TikTok than on other social media platforms—this is why brands should embrace branded challenges to increase their following, raise brand awareness, and boost their chances of going viral. A business can start hashtag challenges by creating a unique hashtag that’s relevant to its niche/audience and making a challenge out of it by asking the audience to perform a certain action—all of this serves to inspire user-generated content. The challenge could be a simple activity, like a short dance or a lip-sync.Chipotle is among the most successful examples of how brands can make it big on TikTok using branded challenges. In 2019, this brand launched the #GuacDance challenge to commemorate National Avocado Day and asked users to recreate a short original dance and tag their content with the #GuacDance hashtag.The results were astonishing—Chipotle received over 250,000 video submissions containing the hashtag, which inspired real-life sales. Chipotle sold over 800,000 guacamole in one day.The main takeaways from this campaign are:

  1. Make your challenge easy—You can do this by using simple yet fun dances, which anyone, regardless of their dancing skills, can re-enact
  2. Make it fun—Create challenges that celebrate what people love the most about your brand
  3. Have a goal—Are you trying to raise brand awareness or promote sales like Chipotle? Determine your goal for the campaign and create a challenge that is in line with it

Participate in Trends and Viral Crazes

Source: Rainier RidaoApart from creating hashtag challenges, finding trending hashtags and audio elements (music, sounds, or voiceovers)and adding them to your videos is another great way to make interesting videos. By joining a viral craze, you can increase brand awareness and show that your brand is keeping up with TikTok trends. To identify the latest trends, you can use the Discover page, but be selective about the challenges you participate in—you don’t have to participate in everything. Choose challenges that are relevant to your niche and brand values.For instance, Cosmopolitan used the viral hashtag #BlackCreatives to express support for black creators in 2021, asking their audience to use Stitch and amplify the message. The purpose of the campaign was to promote the company’s values of inclusivity and diversity.

Create Videos That Bring Value

Source: Rafael LeaoBrands and other professional content creators always have to strive to provide value in their videos. While humor dominates TikTok content, brands can also spark interest and bring quality by posting:

  • Explainer videos
  • How-to videos and tutorials
  • DIY content
  • Daily tips and hacks
  • Q&A videos answering users’ questions

Educational content can work well for almost any brand. For example, a furniture company can share videos on how to assemble or repurpose some of its products. Similarly, a software solutions company can create posts explaining what their software does and how to use specific tools and features. A major pointer when creating educational content is—aim to be informative but don’t go too much into detail. Try to keep your videos below one minute to increase the overall watch time. Videos between one and three minutes often don’t perform well since viewers rarely watch them to completion.

Leverage the Power of Influencers

Source: Malte HelmholdWorking with influencers and content creators is one of the surest ways to enhance the reach of your content. Depending on the niche your business is in and the goals of your TikTok campaign, you can choose between several types of influencers:CategoryDescriptionNiche vloggersNiche influencers create content for a specific niche, like travel or food. There are niche vloggers for almost any industry, which means that businesses can easily find relevant influencers to collaborate with Viral sensationsThey provide massive reach for businesses since audiences are more likely to watch your content if they see a familiar faceSubject matter expertsThis influencer type makes your content more credible and trustworthy for the viewers. This category includes professionals like dentists, lawyers, software developers, etc.Choosing the right influencer to work with is not an easy task as TikTok has so many content creators vying for the attention of brands. When looking for a creator for your marketing needs, pay attention to the following information:

  • Popularity within your niche
  • Number of followers
  • Price per post

While famous TikTokers, like Addison Rae Easterling or Charli D’Amelio, may provide unprecedented reach for your brand, they are also quite expensive to hire.You can always check out TikTok’s Creator Marketplace to find suitable influencers. Many will gladly collaborate with you as brand sponsorships and endorsements are the best way for them to make money on TikTok, in addition to applying for the Creator Fund.

How To Find Ideas for TikTok Videos

Business accounts need to have fresh content on their page, and accomplishing this isn’t always easy—social media managers and creators can easily burn out or hit a creative slump. When this happens, you can draw inspiration from other TikTok videos. Here are three ways to find inspiring videos on TikTok:

  1. Scroll through the For You page (FYP)—The FYP feed is filled with recommendations of videos relevant to your initially specified interests. By scrolling on the FYP, you can identify new videos and ideas in your industry, get inspired, and create content based on them
  2. Check what is trending—Whether it’s videos, hashtags, audio, or trending effects, you can find out what is popular by analyzing the Discover tab. Once you’ve found a suitable trend for your brand, create videos inspired by top-performing content in that segment
  3. Check out videos created by your competition—Doing this will give you an idea of what audiences in your industry are engaging with the most, and you can create content based on those insights

Why You May Need Experts for Your TikTok Campaigns

More and more brands are finding success on TikTok, and while it may seem easy, growing and managing a business account can be grueling and time-consuming. Apart from finding ideas for videos and creating content, there’s a lot that goes into building a winning TikTok strategy. You need to create content calendars, identify your audience, interact with them, keep up with trends, and so much more. It can be demanding and straining for small in-house teams to handle all these tasks. They usually have to take care of other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, too. The biggest demographic group on TikTok, Gen Z, is also quite hard to crack and may require more attention than your other target groups.All this makes it difficult for an in-house team to come up with a successful approach to TikTok, but there’s an effective solution—hiring a professional social media agency.

Let Kubbco Handle Your TikTok Campaigns

Kubbco is an official TikTok partner with a team that has vast experience in creating top TikTok strategies for businesses. We have social media strategists, analysts, video editors, graphic designers, writers, and other experts dedicated to developing unique TikTok campaigns that your business will bring you the highest return on investment. Our qualified team can handle every step of your campaign:

  1. Identifying the target audience
  2. Building a content strategy
  3. Creating engaging and interesting videos
  4. Promoting your videos
  5. Running paid ad campaigns
  6. Monitoring campaign performance and tweaking the approach according to relevant data

We just need to know what your goals for the campaign are. Whether it's increasing your following, creating viral content, improving engagement, or boosting sales, we will develop and execute a tailor-made strategy based on your needs. You can learn more about our approach to TikTok and receive expert tips and the latest news on social media marketing by subscribing to our newsletter.

Kubbco’s Success Stories: Matas, OLAPLEX, NATURLI’ Foods, and More

We have worked with numerous brands in the past and helped them achieve excellent results on TikTok. Check out our proudest accomplishments:

  • Matas—During eight weeks, we helped Matas increase their follower count by more than 13,500. We created 25 videos, eight of which blew up on the platform. The videos gathered a whopping 5.6 million views and over 209,000 interactions
  • OLAPLEX—We created 28 videos that gathered over 228,000 interactions. Six of the videos crossed 100,000 views, and two went viral. Our campaign increased this brand’s follower count by 22,000, all in a span of five weeks
  • NATURLI’ Foods—Our 23-week-long collaboration resulted in 112 videos that amassed over 6.2 million views and 179,000 interactions in total. The follower count increased by over 5,000 followers, and 20 of our posts for NATURLI’ went viral

Your brand could easily see similar success. Whether you want to increase brand awareness, improve engagement, or drive conversions, reach out to our experts and start benefiting from your TikTok efforts.

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