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Why Paid Media from Kubbco?

Creative testing + innovative media buying, all rolled into one

More "buy buy" and less "bye bye"
Building and discovering winning ads that drive business growth is our goal.

By combining our creative team and our paid team, we're able to get to the winners quicker, which means we spend less of your investment.
We're experi-ment to be together
While some might advise you to "go broad" and let the algorithms do the work, this can be very inefficient.

We experiment with look-a-likes, interests, lists, and more to make sure you always have the best ad performance.
Reporting for duty
Our clients receive real-time dashboards so they can track the performance of their ads.

On top of that, we provide monthly paid media reports that outline improvements and new strategies to help grow your business.

What's included in our PAID media service

4 core areas to drive your business


Data Analytics and Insights

Drowning in data? Dive deep with us. We predict trends before they're cool and chase numbers that matter. Because 'just clicks' are so last decade.

At its core, our data analytics turn vast amounts of raw data into actionable insights. Instead of making decisions based on intuition or assumptions, you can finally make informed choices grounded in actual user behavior and campaign performance.


Creative excellence

Stories that slap. Content that converts. We craft epics not just posts. Let's make your brand unforgettable. With our creative testing we find the winning ads and then work to help you scale.

In the crowded digital space, compelling creative stands out. It's the difference between someone scrolling past your ad or pausing to engage with it. Creative excellence ensures that the seconds you have to capture someone's attention aren't wasted.

Connect emotionally
Exceptional creative can evoke emotions, making your brand memorable. Whether it's humor, nostalgia, excitement, or trust, emotions drive decision-making and can increase the likelihood of conversions.

Platform Expertise and Strategy

Different platforms cater to different demographics and have unique user behaviors. Knowing the nuances of each platform helps target ads more effectively. For instance, what captures attention on TikTok might not be as effective on LinkedIn. 

Each platform has a variety of ad formats, placements, and features. Knowing when and how to use Stories on Instagram, Carousel ads on Facebook, or Promoted Pins on Pinterest can drastically improve performance.

Ad costs vary from platform to platform. Our expertise allows for strategic allocation of ad budgets to gain the best returns. For instance, while LinkedIn might be more expensive per click, it might bring higher quality B2B leads.

Transparent Reporting

We serve insights, not just data soup. Our reports include clear roadmaps, not mazes.

We provide easy to read and transparent reports. It builds trust for you because you can see exactly where your money is going and increases your organization's confidence in you and their willingness to invest even more in future campaigns.

Paid Media Case

13.3x ROAS for BUXOM Cosmetics, a dramatic increase from the previous year's campaign

1.49x ROAS
Before Kubbco, Buxom's ROAS was only 1.49x
We ran 3 middle funnel ads with a promo code
With a high average order value
53.5% reduction in media spend

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"We were looking for an agency to provide us with authentic influencer content and do it quickly.

Kubbco never says 'no', they just get the job done. It's a team you want to work with time and time again."
A.J. Ready
Director of Social Media & Marketing @

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