Facebook Marketing, Management, and Advertising

3+ Billion reasons to advertise on Facebook

Why Meta Services from Kubbco?

We blend Paid and Organic tactics for deeper audience insights to connect with the 3+ billion users on Facebook.

As a fusion of creative, social, and media, we accelerate your success and offer precise insights into your Facebook (Meta) campaign performance.

Facebook aka Meta Services

Go Holistic,
No more siloed efforts.

Organic Content and Management

You might have heard that organic Facebook success is dead 💀.

It's not, but it's certainly harder than it was 10 years ago.

Our combination of creative testing, organic tactics and community management, provide the backbone of your success on the platform.

Facebook Ads and Media

We're a Meta Business Partner and have managed over $20 million in ad spend for our clients.

We've dealt with all aspects of the Meta Ads Platform and driven countless Global campaigns for not only Fortune 500 & 1000 companies but also SMBs.

Creative Testing Like No Other

Meta is the greatest marketing sandbox ever created. Sadly, agencies and brands rarely use its power to test creative content at scale.

We don't play that way. We use the ads platform to test what creative performs the best, so you get higher returns on investments and better brand performance.

Official Certifications and Partners

Our Partnerships


What our clients say about us

"Kubbco have been a great partner in helping us unlock creative insights and strategies to improve our social game."
Hal Kuang
Social Media Marketing Director @ Lunar
"Our results have shown significant growth since the beginning of our partnership, which emphasizes Kubbco's expertise."
Cecilia Kirsgaard
Nordic Social Media Manager @ Vipps MobilePay
"Willingness to collaborate, positive communications & respect are the elements you need to be successful and so far that has been the case with our cooperation with the Kubbco team."
Digital Marketing Manager ‑ Team Lead @ Icelandair

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