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As an official TikTok Partner, Kubbco has helped brands reach new followers on TikTok since 2019. Keep reading and learn how to reach your full brand potential on TikTok.


We are a lead social agency that partners with national and global brands to help them stand out in social.

We co-create powerful strategies, content and campaigns that move your customers.

Tiktok how?

From strategy to execution we guide you all the way

TikTok has completely reinvented the rules for creating and developing content. If you work with branding, rule number 1 is simple. “Don’t make ads. Make TikToks.”

It’s all about view-time and reaching the For You Page, aka FYP. That’s key if you’re looking to go viral. Users don’t need to follow or be friends with anyone to see the most trending videos because that content will go straight to their FYP.

? So how would a brand approach “making the front page” on TikTok?

Well, it’s easier said than done, but a great rule here is to tap into current trends – and then the algorithm do the heavy lifting.

We use a strategy where we combine insights with trends and then add a Secret Ingredient, which we can’t reveal online. But we can say this: It’s about being bold.

? Don’t be afraid to do something out of the ordinary.

Don’t overthink it. Tap into trends, conversations and even competitors. Have fun doing it. Make the content unique, inspiring and authentic.

? One more thing.

Forget all about over-polished content and next-level production quality. Data shows the audience doesn’t care about that.

Which is why success on TikTok is a product of the right strategy combined with the skills to execute and a TikTok-native understanding of the latest trends and features. Got all that? Then your brand is headed for exposure and reach of a totally different kind.

Want to know more? Read our comprehensive guide to TikTok.

We utilize the latest tactics in digital, social, video and technology to lift your brand to new heights and catapult your brand straight into the consciousness of future customers.

Finding a new voice for one of Scandinavia's oldest cosmetics stores.

Matas has always been a well-known and loved brand for most Danes – but that doesn’t mean we could just sit back and watch the views grow. We had to discover and develop a tone of voice that audiences could relate and, more importantly, react to.

Rather than just adopt a run-of-the-mill, advertising-as-usual style and direction, we chose to focus on what’s behind the filter and break with traditional beauty standards. We chose to open up about diversity and sexuality, and to spread positivity and confidence among our community. And it paid off.

In just 8 weeks
5.6 M+

Total Views

209 K


13.5 K+


Case: Olaplex
Let the product do the marketing.

Being loved by countless users for their amazing hair care product line, we helped Olaplex to quickly pick up 22.000+ new TikTok followers in just 5 weeks!

Through the creation of original, educational content, we managed to highlight the benefits of the products in an authentic and credible way. Pretty simple, really!

In 5 weeks only
5.6 M+

Total Views

200 K


250 K+


Case: Naturli’
Using prejudice to spark the conversation.

Highlighting NATURLI’s 100% plant-based product line, our work adopted a fresh, ironic and laidback tone of voice – ideal for raising awareness about veganism and healthy food.

We played with the prejudice many have towards vegans in creating NATURLI’s engaging and funny content.

Since April 2021
5.6 M+

Total Views

500 K


750 K+


Our services

We do whatever it takes to help brands stand out on social.

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Concepting
  • Campaign Monitoring
  • In-house Studio
  • Campaign Monitoring
  • Full In-house Production
  • Design Unit
  • Videography

Here are some of the people,
you will get to work with.

Malene Hold
Head of TikTok

Malene is one of Denmark’s leading TikTok specialist and knows everything about the platform and trends almost before they arise. On TikTok she has achieved success for RedBull, Domino’s, NATURLI’, Matas and many more.

David Juul Ledstrup
Strategy Director

Through his work with analytics and insights, David is in charge of achieving resonance between your brand, target audience, TikTok as a platform and the world around it.

Frederik Scholle
Paid Social Specialist

Fred is an expert on paid and organic reach, which enables him to put your content in front of the audience you will benefit most from reaching and activating.

Dilan Joumaa
Account Manager

Dilan is the glue that holds relationships and campaigns together. With her excellent knack for brand positioning, she works to ensure smooth sailing for your brand and the overarching process.

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