Use TikTok Business Manager To Run Better Campaigns

Sep 15, 2023

How To Use TikTok Business Manager To Run Campaigns and Grow Your Business Account

Over recent years, TikTok has grown to become one of the most popular social media platforms. For many businesses, TikTok is more than an entertainment hub—it’s a powerful way to make money through advertising and marketing products and services. For handling business matters more easily, TikTok offers a separate platform for everything related to setting up and managing paid campaigns—TikTok For Business (also known as TikTok Business Manager).

What Is TikTok For Business?

Source: Alexander ShatovMost social media platforms have a business suite where brands can manage their paid campaigns and track the success of their marketing efforts. In 2020, TikTok launched its business hub known as TikTok For Business. Here, social media managers can create campaigns, choose different types of ads, and monitor ad performance. As a central dashboard for all ad tools, this hub is also referred to as TikTok Ads Manager.To use TikTok’s business manager, you need to create an independent TikTok For Business account and link it to the TikTok business account that you use to access the TikTok app. You can set up the business manager account in five steps:

  1. Open TikTok For Business using your browser
  2. Click on Create New in the top right corner of the page
  3. Create an account using your email or phone and hit Sign Up
  4. Fill in your account information—country, time zone, business name, currency, and phone number—and click Register
  5. Access Account Info under Account Settings on the top right side of the screen in your new dashboard
  6. Enter your business information—company website, industry, address, state/province, and postal code
  7. Select a payment method: Manual or Automatic
  8. Press Submit to submit your account for review—you’ll receive a response within 24 hours

What Is TikTok Business Center, and When Should You Use It?

Source: TikTok for businessThe Business Center is a tool found in TikTok Ads Manager specifically designed to handle all collaborative marketing efforts. TikTok Business Center enables brands to centralize their teams (social media managers, ad specialists, etc.) and ad assets in one place, promoting a safer and more efficient asset usage and permissions allocation.To create your business center, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Business Center icon (indicated by a briefcase) on the homepage of TikTok Ads Manager
  2. Create a business center by adding the name and timezone
  3. Add ad accounts for your or another user’s ads

When you create a business center, you’re automatically the administrator of the account. This means you control all permissions and access during collaborations. Use the Business Center if you want to:

  • Manage and share assets among multiple ad accounts
  • Have more than one person manage your campaigns
  • Share multiple ad accounts with another company in bulk
  • Ensure transparency during collaborations
  • Get insights and performance reports across different accounts under one roof

Overall, social media managers can benefit from this feature hugely since it is a one-stop source for managing multiple ad accounts, making all kinds of collaborations easier.

How To Set Up and Manage Ads Using TikTok Ads Manager

Source: TikTok for businessOnce you’ve created your TikTok For Business account, you can focus on setting up your paid ad campaign and growing your business on the platform. TikTok advertising is organized in three connected levels:

  • Campaign
  • Ad Groups
  • Ads

The campaign is the overall activity, while ad groups and ads are the functions within a campaign. Here’s how you set up a full campaign:

  1. Click on the Campaigns tab on the Ads Manager homepage
  2. Choose your campaign objective from the three categories provided: Awareness, Consideration, or Conversion
  3. Name the campaign and set a budget (the minimal daily budget required is $50)
  4. Add the Ad Group name and choose the placement type (where your ad will appear)
  5. Choose whether to use Creative Optimization
  6. Select your audience targeting options, including location, age, gender, interests, and others
  7. Set a budget (Daily or Lifetime) for the ad group
  8. Schedule the ad to run continuously or during specific times in the day (Dayparting)
  9. Select your bidding strategy and press Next
  10. Enter your ad details—upload media from your computer or create a new ad using the Ads Manager in-app tools
  11. Choose a thumbnail, add captions, and define your call to action
  12. Add relevant tracking URLs to monitor the performance of your ad
  13. Hit Submit

The ad will first go through TikTok’s review process and go live as soon as it gets approved.

What Ad Types Are Available in TikTok Ads Manager?

When choosing the type of ad you want to create, you can select between these ad formats:Ad FormatDescriptionImageThese ads are in the form of static images and are only available for TikTok’s partner platforms, such as BuzzVideo, TopBuzz, and BabeVideoThese ads are native to TikTok and include In-Feed Ads, Top View Ads, and Brand TakeoversSpark AdsThis is a native ad format that is used to boost your or another user’s organic TikTok video

Video Ads

For most businesses, TikTok’s native video ads are more effective compared to image ads as TikTok is more popular than its partner apps. Take a look at how various types of ads compare:Ad TypeLengthDisplay LocationObjectiveIn-Feed adUp to 60-second-long videos (Ideal length: 9–15 seconds)On the For You page, between other recommended videosMore traffic to your TikTok account or an external landing pageTop View ad60-second videos (15-second videos recommended)As the first in-feed post on the For You pageReach and engagementBrand TakeoverA full-screen GIF, image, or video of up to five secondsOn the main screen, when users start the appBrand awarenessOther than the three ad options in the table, there are two more native ads that operate differently because they’re more focused on encouraging user-generated content.

Branded Hashtag Challenges

Brands can create unique challenge prompts and corresponding hashtags to urge viewers to participate in their challenges and make user-generated content. Viewers can find your hashtag on the Discover page and include it in their video response, crediting your original post in the process. Branded challenges are ideal for businesses that want to create trends and become famous on the platform and those that want to increase their follower count and engagement (likes, shares, and views).

Branded Effects

If you want to make ads that are more engaging and entertaining, branded effects are perfect for this purpose. Branded effects include brand-customized stickers, filters, AR, 2D, or 3D effects that your target audience can use in their content and promote your business to wider audiences. Like branded challenges, effects are perfect for boosting engagement, but they are also excellent tools for increasing brand awareness.

Promote Organic Videos: How Spark Ads Work

TikTok ads don’t have to be original video ads only; you can convert a regular TikTok video to an ad by using Spark Ads. This ad format allows you to promote your own video or another user’s video.Before using Spark Ads to boost another user’s video, you will need to contact the creator and ask for permission to use their content—the permission is granted via an access code that they send to you.There are two key practices to keep in mind to successfully achieve your campaign goals using Spark Ads:

  • Select and promote your own videos that have already gained good organic traction
  • Avoid promoting long videos as TikTok users prefer shorter content (up to one minute)

Spark Ads are quite effective at promoting your business as they’re more authentic compared to regular ads—this increases engagement as users respond more to organic content compared to ads. It is also a great tool for influencer collaborations.

Enrich Your Paid Campaigns via Influencer Collaborations

Source: George MiltonWhile you can use paid advertisements to grow your brand on TikTok, you can also build your business account by working with influencers. Brand collaborations are the main way for content creators to make money on TikTok, other than applying for TikTok’s Creator Fund.You can find influencers in the following ways:

  • Checking the Creator Marketplace
  • Observing who your competitors are working with
  • Scrolling through the Discover and For You feeds

You don’t need world-famous influencers like Charli D’Amelio or Addison Rae Easterling to be successful. Less popular creators may be more effective as they’re often niche-focused and can present your brand to more relevant audiences.There are many ways how you can use influencers and content creators in your TikTok campaigns—they can create your organic or ad content, promote your products or services in sponsored posts on their accounts, spread the word about your latest challenge, or show up in your content as a means for attracting more attention. The choice is yours, and it will depend on what you’re trying to accomplish.

Managing TikTok Campaigns Is Difficult Without Proper Support

For many businesses, making it big on TikTok can be challenging. The platform has a predominantly young audience of Gen Zers and millennials who are less open to traditional advertising methods. They want to see TikToks—not ads. This means you cannot copy-paste a marketing approach that worked on another social media platform.TikTok is also relatively new and comes with a vast collection of resources and features to grasp before you can create winning campaigns. These challenges are particularly felt by social media managers in small in-house teams who have to take care ofother socials, which can draw attention and effort away from your TikTok campaign.

A Professional Social Media Agency Can Help With Your TikTok Marketing Goals

Kubbco is an official TikTok partner and a social media agency with immense experience in developing and implementing TikTok strategies that have helped businesses grow rapidly on this platform.We have a team of experts, including social media strategists, analysts, video editors, photographers, and graphic designers, devoted to creating top-performing organic content and paid ads. Our team can:

  1. Ideate and develop an entire TikTok strategy for your brand
  2. Test different types of content to find out what your audience engages with the most
  3. Produce high-quality, campaign-relevant TikToks
  4. Work with influencers on sponsored posts
  5. Set up paid ad campaigns and create video ads that will spark interest
  6. Monitor the performance of your campaign using advanced analytic tools and adjust our approach whenever necessary to achieve the best results

To learn more about how we approach TikTok marketing, subscribe to our newsletter and get free advice and tips on how to approach TikTok and other socials as a business!

Our Success Stories: Matas, OLAPLEX, NATURLI’ Foods, and Many More

We have collaborated with numerous brands and helped them reach new heights by creating custom-made campaigns that perfectly match their TikTok needs and goals. Some of our proudest projects include:

  • Matas—This brand gained over 13,500 followers and gathered over 5.6 million views on 25 videos we created together. Eight videos blew up, amassing over 300,000 views each
  • OLAPLEX—Thanks to our efforts, this brand gained 22,000 new followers and 5.1 million views on 28 videos. Six videos got over 100,000 views each, and two went viral, crossing the 1 million views mark
  • NATURLI’ Foods—We worked with this brand for 23 weeks, producing 112 videos. The campaign resulted in more than 179,000 interactions and 6.2 million views, with 20 videos going viral and gathering over 100,000 views each. The brand also saw a follower increase of 5,200

If you want to achieve similarly impressive numbers in your campaign reports, reach out to our team and get excellent results on TikTok in no time.

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