How To Stitch on TikTok for Your Business

Sep 15, 2023

How To Stitch on TikTok—Use This Tool for More Engaging Content

When TikTok hit the mainstream, many people believed the app lacked the potential to reach the heights of established platforms like Facebook and Instagram—they saw it as an app for teens that would quickly become dated.Now, TikTok is the fastest-growing social media platform of all time, with over 1 billion active users and engagement rates higher than on any other platform. It’s easy to see how TikTok became the giant it is today. The platform offers creative video editing and collaboration tools that allow general users, influencers, and digital marketers to create content that is fun and interactive.One of the most popular collaborative editing tools on TikTok is the Stitch feature. Stitch is an easy-to-use editing tool that can enrich your general marketing strategy and increase engagement.This article will show you how to stitch on TikTok and create viral content that will help you grow your TikTok presence and your business.

What Is Stitch on TikTok?

Source: TikTokStitch is anediting feature available for both personal and business accounts that allows you to clip a scene from another user’s video and incorporate it into your post. The clipped scene should be between 1 and 5 seconds long. Like Duet, another TikTok editing tool, Stitch is a direct way of interacting with other people’s content. It lets you interpret and build on another user’s posts through creating reaction videos, memes, and skits for trending challenges.Every video made using Stitch credits the original creator in the new video’s caption linking directly to the original video. While this feature may not seem significant, it can be vital for TikTok marketing because you can incorporate viral videos into your own and increase the chances of your brand becoming TikTok famous.

What You Should Know About Stitch Permissions

To create Stitches from other people’s videos and control whether your content can end up in someone else’s Stitch, you need to learn about how relevant in-app permissions work on TikTok. When you download TikTok, Stitch is enabled by default—this means other TikTok users can use your videos to create Stitches. If you want to tweak the default settings, here’s a step-by-step guide you can follow to change how certain audience groups interact with your content:

  1. Go to your Profile page
  2. Tap the hamburger menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the top right corner of the screen—this takes you to the Settings and privacy page
  3. Tap on Privacy
  4. Make sure that the Private account toggle is off
  5. Scroll down and tap on Stitch
  6. Select one of the three offered options on the Who can Stitch with your videos screen: Everyone, Friends, Only me—the default option is Everyone.

You can still create Stitch videos after you’ve disabled Stitch on your account if other users allow this for their content. TikTok also allows you to enable or disable Stitch for individual videos. On the Post page that shows after recording your video, you can enable or disable Stitch and Duet options using the toggle switches next to the names of these tools.

How To Stitch a Video on TikTok—A Step-by-Step Guide

If you want to use someone else’s video to make a Stitch, you can do it by following these quick steps:

  1. Open the TikTok app and find a video that you want to use
  2. Tap the arrow icon at the bottom right of the screen—this brings up a list of different options for sharing the video, as well as the Stitch and Duet buttons. If either of the buttons is grayed out, it means the user hasn’t enabled these options
  3. Tap on the Stitch icon if it’s available
  4. Use the slider at the bottom to select up to five seconds from the video and press Next in the top right corner of the screen
  5. Record the rest of your video as you would record a regular TikTok
  6. Hit the pink checkmark after recording your clip—you’ll then see a preview of your complete post
  7. Add texts, filters, or sounds and press Next to go to the posting page
  8. Add your caption and hashtags—in the captions section, you’ll notice that the original creator is automatically tagged
  9. Adjust your sharing settings
  10. Post your video by hitting Post

You cannot add saved clips from your phone’s gallery to your stitch—you have to record your reaction to the original video in the app. TikTok

TikTok Stitch for Businesses: Why Brands Should Use Stitch for Their TikTok Content

Source: FauxelsThe rise of TikTok over recent years means that brands and digital marketers have to develop new marketing strategies that will work on this platform, attract more followers, and find creative ways to monetize their TikTok presence. One of the ways to breathe some fresh air into your content strategy is Stitch, a tool that promotes interaction between TikTokers and that can be used to strengthen the relationship you have with your audience.Brands can use Stitch videos to:

  • Respond to popular memes
  • Create fact-check videos about products and services or general niche
  • Inspire user-generated content by providing a prompt or a challenge calling upon their audiences to make Stitches that the company can feature on its TikTok account NBA

How Brands Benefit From Stitch

Using Stitch videos is especially effective for brands for the following reasons:

  • You can increase engagement with your content—Since your audience can create Stitches from your videos, you can lead conversations and engage directly with your followers when they post a Stitch by commenting on their work or promoting the best and most creative posts on your own page
  • It is great for presenting your brand’s personality in a positive light—By allowing and stimulating users to stitch your videos, you will leave a positive impression and position your brand as light-hearted and down-to-earth—the qualities that new generations of consumers love
  • Brands can build on viral videos—Like Duet, Stitch allows you to leverage the viral nature of TikTok content. You should always strive to stay on top of the latest TikTok trends and see how you can incorporate them into your own content. Stitch allows you to ride the popularity wave of someone else’s video and shift the conversation to your brand, which can expand the reach and bring in more followers if done right
  • Stitch makes it easier for you to work with influencers and content creators—Collaborating with influencers and content creators for sponsored ads is one of the best ways to increase the effectiveness of TikTok campaigns. Most top TikTok influencers are on the Creator Fund program, so their content is more likely to get recommended on the For You page. You can collaborate with all types of content creators—from nano-influencers to mega-stars like Addison Rae Easterling and Charli D’Amelio, depending on your budget

How To Measure the Success of Your Stitch Videos

As with marketing strategies for other social media platforms, you need to constantly tweak and optimize your TikTok marketing efforts to reach as many people as possible. Although there are no metrics to directly track the performance of a Stitch or Duet, you can still use TikTok analytics to gain valuable insights into what you're doing right and what could use improvement.

Source: Adeolu EletuThe analytics tab provides key details such as:

  • The number of likes, comments, and shares on each post
  • Average watch time and engagement estimates
  • The total playtime and number of video views

These details can help you understand what type of content works well for your brand. For instance, you shouldn’t create 3-minute Stitches for the audience that wants to see 15-second posts.

Run Effective TikTok Campaigns With the Help of a Social Media Agency

TikTok provides a level playing field in terms of reach and engagement. Unlike Instagram or Facebook, users with zero followers on TikTok can rack up millions of views provided the content is appealing to the right audience. Still, creating viral content isn’t that straightforward.If you want your marketing efforts to yield results, you should constantly create content that’s tailored to the app and your target audience. To create such content, social media managers have to handle every element of a campaign, including:

  • Analyzing the target audience
  • Creating a content calendar
  • Brainstorming ideas for TikTok content, staying on top of the latest app updates and trends, and actually making posts
  • Running paid ad campaigns
  • Monitoring analytics

Most social media managers have to create marketing strategies for other social media platforms as well. Overall, all these tasks may be too much to handle for a small in-house team, and this is where social media agencies can jump in and save your company from wasting precious resources on fruitless TikTok efforts.

Kubbco Will Help You With All Your TikTok Needs

As an official TikTok partner, Kubbco has a proven track record of running successful TikTok campaigns for numerous companies. We have a full team of experts—analysts, strategists, content writers, video editors, animators, graphic designers, and many others—to handle your marketing needs.Our approach is what will ensure you get the most out of your budget when you choose to work with us. Tell us what you want to achieve on TikTok and leave the rest to our expertise. We will:

  1. Create a complete TikTok strategy with the help of our analysts and content strategists and build fun and engaging campaigns that will stay true to your brand
  2. Test different videos to find out what type of content your audience engages with the most and build a strategic content calendar
  3. Produce high-quality content that will attract the attention of your target audience
  4. Identify and contact the best influencers for collaborations and build other paid ad campaigns
  5. Monitor relevant metrics in real time and adjust our efforts when necessary based on the insights

If you want to learn more about our TikTok marketing strategies and receive free advice on social media marketing, sign up for our newsletter!

OLAPLEX, Matas, and essence cosmetics Are Some of Our Success Stories

We always create content that is client-specific and perfectly matches our clients’ brand image and personality. Whether you want to expand your reach on TikTok, promote a new product, or increase conversions, Kubbco has your back. Kubbco has worked with brands in different industries in the past, and the results speak for themselves:PartnerPartnership DurationFollowers GainedNumber of VideosViral VideosTotal ViewsOLAPLEX5 weeks22,0002825.1 millionMatas8 weeks13,5002585.6 millionessence cosmetics2 years 2 months386,0005561273 millionNATURLI’ Foods23 weeks5,200112206.2 millionIf you need help with your approach to TikTok, reach out to our team of experts, and we can start collaborating on your next campaign.

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