What Is a Pro Account on TikTok—The Essential Guide

Jan 18, 2024

What Is a Pro Account on TikTok, And Can You Use It for Your Brand?

Regardless of whether you’re using TikTok for business or you are an avid content creator who wants to become famous on TikTok following the path of Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae Easterling, getting started is never easy. While it’s an ultimate source of amusement, thanks to its fun and short videos (which can keep you scrolling for hours), TikTok has also become a marketing tool and the hottest social media platform for business promotion.

You don’t need much to start your TikTok journey. The app is available on all major app stores, and setting up a regular free account takes but a moment. So, what is a Pro Account on TikTok for, then?

What Is a TikTok Pro Account?

A TikTok Pro Account was an extended version of TikTok that enabled users to track the weekly or monthly performance of their posts using the Analytics tool. Although it was a feature primarily meant for content creators/influencers and businesses, everyone was allowed to switch to a Pro Account, even if it was just out of curiosity.

The features available within a Pro Account were used by aspiring TikTok influencers and brands to identify and understand their audiences better, expand the reach of their brand’s message, and eventually make money on TikTok. After all, social media platforms constantly change, and TikTok’s Pro Account feature is no more. TikTok introduced revamped account options in the spring of 2021, still allowing all users to switch to a Pro Account, but then offering two distinct options—accounts for creators and accounts for businesses. Creator accounts got a few new features, including the Q&A upgrade to help creators be more interactive with their followers. By the end of the summer of 2021, TikTok started eliminating the Creator account option to remove unnecessary confusion, giving all users access to Creator tools in the Settings and privacy tab and allowing them to apply for a Creator Fund.

At the moment, you can only opt for a regular, default account (with access to Creator tools and Creator Fund application in select countries) or a business account (with the special Business suite of tools) meant for brands.

Which TikTok Account Should You Use?

Switching to a Business Account on TikTok has numerous benefits, especially for marketers looking for ways to re-evaluate their TikTok advertising strategy, create better content, get more views, and boost their following. Here’s what TikTok Business Account features you can benefit from:

  • Analytics—While available to general users as well, the Analytics tab is invaluable for tracking the performance of your content and the success of your campaigns
  • Website link—You can add a direct link to your business’s website on the TikTok profile of your brand, facilitating conversions
  • Email contact—You can include an email address as the main point of contact for your business
  • Post scheduler—This feature helps professional marketers and social media managers plan their content calendar in advance and is not available to general users
  • Commercial Music Library (CML)—Brands can access more than 500,000 royalty-free sounds and songs without worrying about copyright issues related to their content
  • Business Creative Hub—Brands can get easy-to-follow tips on creating engaging posts and see what other brand content is trending ranked by the number of likes or levels of engagement

What Type of TikTok Data Can You See in the Analytics Tab?

By using Analytics, you will have access to all sorts of information on how the content you are posting resonates with your audience. Such information can direct you towards increased engagement and accelerated conversions from visitors to followers and, eventually, to returning customers. The numbers you see are usually indicative of what your TikTok strategy is lacking—you’ll be able to get an idea of whether your content should be more attention-grabbing or your posting frequency is inadequate. Here are the stats you can see in the Analytics tab of your Business Account that will help you figure out where you might need an upswing:

Metrics Type


Overview metrics

  • Video view count
  • Profile view count
  • Follower count
  • Like, comment, and share count
  • Specific hashtag view count

Content metrics

  • Trending videos
  • Total video views
  • The number of comments and shares certain posts received
  • Total watch time

Follower metrics

  • The distribution of your followers by gender and location
  • Times and days when your followers are most active
  • Other videos and sounds popular with your audience

Livestream metrics

  • The total count of your livestream viewers
  • The total time you hosted livestreams
  • The number of new followers gained during livestreams

How To Get a Pro Account on TikTok

To switch to a Business Account on TikTok, follow these steps:

  1. Open the app and tap on Profile in the bottom right corner of your screen
  2. Tap on the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) in the upper right corner to open the Settings and privacy tab
  3. Select Manage Account
  4. Tap the Switch to Business Account option
  5. Hit Next and select the appropriate category for your business
  6. Confirm your selection by tapping the Next button

Source: TikTok

How To Switch From a Pro Account to a Personal Account

If, for whatever reason, you decide to go back to the default TikTok account and stop using your Business Account, you can switch back anytime by following these steps:

  1. Launch TikTok and go to Settings and privacy
  2. Tap on Manage account
  3. Select Switch to Personal Account
  4. Confirm your choice by tapping Switch anyway on the pop-up message

Source: TikTok

Engage Social Media Experts To Closely Monitor Your Profile Analytics and Refine Your Social Media Strategy

Are you having a difficult time with making the best out of TikTok Analytics or other tools in your TikTok Business Account? You’re not alone—many brands new to TikTok struggle with it and turn to experts for help in the end. TikTok Analytics will give you raw data, but social media analysts and specialists will identify the issues precisely and know what it takes to overcome them.

While the ability to switch to a Business Account for free is a superb feature, you might not have the time or resources to analyze the data on your own. Even if you do, figuring out how to use the profile metrics to come up with a fruitful social media strategy and grow your presence on TikTok isn’t such a trouble-free process as it might seem—this often requires more expertise than a typical in-house team possesses.

The figures you’ll have an insight into can help you determine the best time to post on TikTok and give you some ideas on how to go viral, but that’s nowhere near to what you need for a successful TikTok campaign. The tools at your disposal will serve their full purpose only with the help of an experienced team—one that is up to date with market trends and consumer needs and that offers broad expertise in creating various types of content to match your exact business objectives. That’s why professional social media agencies can quickly turn your unproductive marketing stunts into stellar campaigns with combined efforts of social media strategists, content creators, designers, videographers, data analysts, and many other types of experts.

Get Help From Actual TikTok Pros

At Kubbco, we’re aware that social media marketing is susceptible to changes as new trends emerge constantly. A strategy that is effective now may become obsolete in a couple of months as your audience’s interests shift and change. To ensure we easily adapt our planning to your goals, we keep track of such changes. We scrutinize every piece of data to revamp your presence on socials or build it from scratch, with a special focus on TikTok.

The Kubbco team can test how likely our plan is to raise interest in your brand before kickstarting the campaign. After we apply our ideas, we keep observing your account stats and take immediate action whenever adjustments are required.

Here’s an overview of our social media services:

  1. Performing an in-depth analysis of your target audience and coming up with themes you should tackle with your content
  2. Handling your daily social media interactions in an organized and efficient way while pinpointing where you might be wasting resources and making space for growth
  3. Creating all sorts of content for your business socials based on our research of what would work with your audience on a particular platform—photos, videos, written posts, podcasts, microsites, and much more
  4. Promoting your brand via paid social media, from pay-per-click campaigns to influencer marketing

OLAPLEX, essence cosmetics, and Matas Entrusted Us With Their Social Media Strategy—We Made Their Figures Skyrocket!

A well-known German makeup brand that prides itself on cruelty-free testing, high-quality vegan ingredients, and great value for money—essence cosmetics—reached out to Kubbco in 2020.

Source: essence cosmetics Our common mission was to capture their audience’s attention with entertaining content while compellingly promoting their values. Within two years and two months, their numbers went through the roof:

Total views 73 million

Total interactions 7.1 million

New followers 386,000

Number of videos 556

Videos with over 100,000 views 144

Viral videos (with over 1 million views) 12

Our other clients—such as NATURLI’ Foods, Matas, and OLAPLEX—have also seen a massive engagement increase.

How do we do it? Meticulous research, careful analysis of the current trends and your audience demographics, progressive tools, flexible approach, team spirit, and open-mindedness never fail to synthesize our ideas into a unique strategy for our clients. If you’re wondering how we can enhance your brand’s exposure on TikTok, contact our team of social media experts.

We also don’t mind sharing our knowledge with the public. Check out our blog posts and stay in the loop on the news from the world of social media by signing up for our newsletter.

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