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It's time for a facelift, their face, your lift...

Why Influencer marketing from Kubbco?

We'll help you turn
authenticity into amplification

Influence the influencers
Move at the speed of social. We make sure that you keep up with everything happening across platforms.

We also strive to create the trends that other influencers, brands, and individuals want to participate in. With us, you always stay one step ahead.
Choose wisely and widely
We find the sweet spot between amazing reach and the right creators and influencers for your brand.

Our due diligence checklist ensures you're working with the right people, at the right time, so your brand grows.
measure impact and money
Listen, it's great to get the Likes and Mentions, but what about the money? At the end of the day you have a business to run.

We help you turn mentions into money, by tracking impact and sales from your influencer marketing programs.

What's included in our Influencer Marketing service

4 powerful services combined


Faster Finds

We ensure that you're working with the right influencers and creators fast, so you get the best reach, engagement, and potential buyers.



Let us handle the time-consuming back-and-forths, contract negotiations, brief creations, content reviews, and ensure that timelines are kept.


Use specialised tactics to increase the reach and impact of your individual collaborations. This can include PR, cross-posting, co-posting, sponsored posts, and more.


We are committed to staying by your side and continuously evolving and refining your social media solutions to meet market dynamics and customer expectations.

Influencer marketing Case - Olaplex

leveraging hundreds of nano and micro influencers to reach billions of people for olaplex

11 billion
Views on the content created
2 million
Videos created by the community
Of influencers hired and managed for the launch
Engagement rate across the campaign videos

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Client success story -

"We were looking for an agency to provide us with authentic influencer content and do it quickly.

Kubbco never says 'no', they just get the job done. It's a team you want to work with time and time again."
A.J. Ready
Director of Social Media & Marketing @

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