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Why a strategy from Kubbco?

CULTURE moves fast,
you can move faster

Stop chasing trends and start trending
Chasing shiny new objects isn't sustainable, but sometimes you can't afford not to jump on a bandwagon quickly. This is where our strategy shines.

A Kubbco Strategy is strong enough to point you in the right direction, but agile enough to change direction in an instant.
Don't catch feelings, catch data
We love a gut feeling. That's a part of the magic of marketing. However data can help you do a gut check.

With our social listening expertise, you can quickly find out what strategies will work for your target audience and which won't.

Saving you time and money.
Be a goal-getter
The strategy we build for you will bring overall KPIs and goals together.

On top of that, it will be both strategic and tactical. So it won't sit in a folder on your desktop collecting digital dust.

It will be highly actionable and ready for either of us to implement.

Here's how we build your strategy

Simple 4 step process


Discover AND Define

Our journey begins by deeply understanding your business objectives, target audience, unique requirements, and what success looks like to you.

Listen and Gather

We use listening tools to pinpoint what your audience is saying about you, your competitors, your category, and start mapping out their feelings, thoughts, and dreams.

Promote and Optimize

With your strategy in place, we shift our focus to propelling your brand's success.

Evolve and Sustain

We are committed to staying by your side and continuously evolving and refining your strategy to meet evolving market dynamics and customer expectations.

Need an Enterprise solution?

We cater to businesses of all sizes. contact us to get the perfect fit.

Client success story

"Kubbco have been a great partner in helping us unlock creative insights and strategies to improve our social game"
Hal Kuang
Social Media Marketing Director @ Lunar

Why Kubbco?

Our Team is ready to take you on a Journey of Innovation, Collaboration, and Transformation, unleashing your own social media rebellion.

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Agency to build a virtual influencer for a beauty brand
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