How to Build a Social Media Growth Strategy That Will Boost Your Business

Sep 15, 2023

When you align your social media and business goals, you also ensure mutual success. That means when your social media thrives, your business grows. However, growing your social media following and reach is becoming increasingly difficult now that it is part of nearly every business’s marketing strategy.How can you grow your social channel so that it stands out above the crowd and succeeds in an oversaturated environment?Learn tips for developing a social media growth strategy to engage and expand your social media channel in a way that simultaneously boosts your business.

How to Align Your Social Media Goals with Business Growth Goals

Before investing time or energy into growing your social media, start by aligning your business and social goals. This ensures your strategies are mutually beneficial, and your results don’t just increase your social media following but your business revenue. When you align your goals, 90% of customers who follow you on social media will purchase from your brand.Examples of business goals include increasing revenue, brand awareness, customer satisfaction, and streamlined processes.On social media, those same goals translate to:

  • Increasing your follower count
  • Increasing your engagement
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Encouraging more clicks and views
  • Converting ecommerce shoppers

10 Elements of a Social Media Growth Strategy for Business Success

Focus on these ten methods to maximize your social media strategy’s impact and see the best business growth.

1. Focus on One Purpose

Not only should you have a goal for your social media account, but every piece you create should have an individual purpose.If your content has too many goals, it will confuse your audience and hurt your outcomes. A good rule to follow is only having one action per piece of content. For example, if you promote a product, focus on one product and give your viewers only one link to follow instead of listing several product options in one social post.Another example of a focused purpose is using hashtags from the same topic. Don’t try and scatter your content’s theme by using hashtags from several different niches, conversations, or campaigns.For instance, if your post is about #beautyhacks, only use related hashtags within that topic to drive home the main takeaway of your piece and highlight the response you want your viewers to take.

2. Be Customer-Centric

Your growth depends on your customer’s satisfaction. So if you want to grow on social media, you must make your customers the center of your social media growth plan. Creating too much brand-centric or product-centric content comes across as salesy and turns customers off of your brand.A customer-centric approach considers what your audience needs, what they like, and how they prefer to interact with your brand. Your process starts with choosing the most relevant platform to distribute your marketing content.Just because Facebook and YouTube are the most popular social media platforms doesn’t mean they are the best channels for you to use. For instance, if you are a B2B business, you might consider using LinkedIn. However, if your primary audience is Gen Z, consider posting marketing content on TikTok.The following survey results give insight into what customers want to see from their brands and should guide your content creation to encourage more of your audience to follow your account.

Image from MarketingProfs

3. Interact with Your Audience

Social media is about building a community. About 43% of marketers use social media to increase their community engagement. Meanwhile, 30% use it to connect directly to their audience, and 28% use their platform to provide customer support.Growing your social media following starts with investing in the following you already have. Responding to their comments, sending messages, and building relationships through personal interactions are key strategies for improving the consumer’s experience.

4. Collect Data Insights

Social media growth relies on a balance between sharing content and collecting data. Creating a circle of information helps your marketing content remain relevant and timely.Social media data collection eliminates wasted time and resources spent in A/B testing random strategies. Instead, you can base your efforts on real-time insights from consumers and decrease the amount of A/B testing necessary to find effective marketing methods.One of the ways to collect social media data is through social listening. This is listening to what others say about your brand through tags, searches, hashtags, forums, and comments on your page. This feedback tells you what resonates with your audience and what is hurting consumers’ opinions of your brand.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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5. Adopt New Technology and Trends

Staying relevant on social media means you must also stay on top of the latest trends and technology. By incorporating viral social media trends, creative formats, and technology, you will stand out above others in your industry as creative and unique.One of the most important trends to watch this year is incorporating virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences. These two technologies are foundational to the metaverse, which may become a crucial part of the social experience in the future. However, you don’t need to wait for the metaverse’s full arrival to incorporate immersive technology in your content.About 76% of customers have used AR, and 78% said they would share a company’s AR experience. Some examples of social media AR experiences include:

  • Creating and offering filters
  • Offering 3-D experiences with your brand and product
  • Creating games related to your company
  • Using QR codes to pull up interactive social experiences
  • Use AR to provide more information about products

6. Create Quality Content

Content for the sake of content just adds to the information overload consumers face daily. However, quality content that offers value makes customers want to come back for more, which increases your following.Quality content might educate your customers, create a memorable experience, evoke an emotion, or solve a problem. It’s also well made and engaging to read or view.

7. Get Others Involved

Getting creators outside of your brand to contribute to your content is an effective way to increase your brand awareness while also adding authenticity to your content. To ensure your collaborations build your social media following and not hurt your brand, carefully vet each potential partner.The best partnerships are between brands and influencers with the same goals and demographics. You can also use employees and loyal brand advocates to build your social media presence with authentic and quality content about your company and products.However, more is not always better when using outside creators. About 81% of consumers will unfollow your influencer or contributor if they post promotional content more than a few times a week. Find a careful balance between using creator content and contributing your own new content.

Image from Sprout Social

8. Invest in Paid Marketing Strategies

Organic strategies alone are often not enough to achieve your marketing goals. Because of the significant amount of social content, you will need to invest in paid strategies to complement your organic growth on social media. About 40% of marketers say they will need to increase their paid advertising budgets to supplement the decline in social media organic growth this year.Paid strategies include ads, sponsored content, and social media influencers. Despite the increasing competition for organic traffic, social media remains a highly effective marketing channel, and marketers see great returns from their paid efforts.

9. Streamline Your Processes

Marketers are always looking for ways to streamline their processes. Cutting unnecessary strategies or techniques frees up more resources and time to focus on high-value activities.Social media marketing is a full-time job, often requiring several team members depending on the size of your company. Tackling social media on your own is not always feasible and may hurt your efforts if you can’t keep up with consumer comments, content creation, and data gathering.If you want to create a scalable social media strategy that can handle growth, invest in automation like social media management systems, scheduling software, or data collection software. Hiring a social media growth agency with the latest tools in the industry will relieve hours of work from your to-do list and free your team up for other marketing tasks.

10. Track and Measure Results

Tracking and analyzing your social media results lets you know whether your growth efforts were successful. Some of the most important metrics to track social media growth include:

  • Follower count
  • Impressions on individual posts
  • Engagement rate
  • Sales from ecommerce posts

You can collect more feedback by asking your followers directly through surveys. You can measure your followers' experience and opinion of your content through responses and use those metrics to adjust future strategies.

Create Smarter Content that Converts

When you create content with a purpose and goals aligned with your business, you will see tremendous business growth. Start investing more into your social media strategy by incorporating modern technology. Then, hire a social media marketing agency that understands the industry and can help you reach your goals.Contact us to learn more about our social media strategy solutions to help you grow your business.

Andy Demjen
Associate Strategy Director

As an Associate Strategy Director I am responsible for leading the development and execution of organic and paid social media and content strategies for our clients at Kubbco.

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