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10 million views by tapping into the “groundhog day” effect of weight management

  • Client: Novo Nordisk
  • Category: Social Media Campaigns, Video Campaigns
  • Date: Oct 2022


Novo Nordisk is an international pharmaceutical brand that has been pioneering treatments in diabetes, hemophilia, and obesity among others for over 100 years.

We worked with the Obesity department of the organization which offers products that assist healthcare professionals and patients with weight management and removing the stigmas of obesity

Launching on New Years’ and then again in March during World Obesity Day – our work with the Break the Weight Cycle campaign for Novo Nordisk, was a worldwide phenomenon that reached millions of people.

Novo Nordisk approached us in 2021 with a very open brief – Develop a creative and bold campaign that both addresses the general public but also people living with obesity.

The solution

The creative solution delivered on the brief with a carefully focalized piece of storytelling borrowing inspiration from the movie Groundhog Day.

With each passing year’s failed attempt to manage obesity, our main character’s frustration dangerously builds up.

And through deft cinematographic and editing choices, it becomes impossible for viewers to not share in the growing sense of frustration.

On this emotional backdrop, the potential solution is revealed.

Watch the launch video


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