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#HummelHunt on TikTok

  • Client: Hummel
  • Category: Influencer Marketing, Social Media Campaigns, Video Campaigns
  • Date: Oct 2022

The Challenge

Hummel’s Black Friday campaign was quickly approaching, but without a clear idea or strategy to tap into the elusive Gen Z audience.

They contacted us to develop a TikTok campaign that would reach their targets and effectively launch Hummel on the TikTok platform.

The Solution

We developed a sneaky way of including promo codes hidden in different videos of influencers dancing in their own unique way.

We contracted @heyneeze, @ziiiiz12 and @jasseminho three, prominent sport and dance influencers in Denmark. Combined they have a following of more than 500,000.

We went on a #hummelhunt in the World’s coolest neighborhood – Nørrebro This provided needed familiarity and instant recognition in the content.

In addition to posting on the hummel TikTok, the influencers loved the content so much that they posted on their own channels as well.

The Result

Although sales were harder to track, due to technical challenges, Hummel was extremely happy with the activation. It exceeded all KPIs and was a great way to kick off their TikTok channel.

Not only did we reach 2.2 million people and got a 2.6% engagement rate on TikTok, BUT we also reached our goal of a 95% danish audience! 

Watch the case video

Watch the TikTok videos

@hummel1923 Få hele 40% under Black Week med den ekstra rabatkode ?? #hummel #hummelhunt #hummellifestyle #hummelsport @ziiiiz12 ♬ hummelhunt – hummel

@hummel1923 Få 40% under Black Week hvis du kan spotte @heydeniseniso’s rabatkode ?? #hummel #hummelhunt #hummellifestyle #hummelsport #hummeltraining ♬ hummelhunt – hummel

@hummel1923 Hvad var rabatkoden? Smid en kommentar ?? ? (vent til slutningen) #hummel #hummelhunt #hummelsport #hummellifestyle #hummeltraining ♬ hummelhunt – hummel