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essence double brow

  • Client: essence Cosmetics
  • Category: Influencer Marketing, Social Media Campaigns, Video Campaigns
  • Date: Apr 2019


April Fools’ day was fast approaching and essence wanted to make a splash on social but didn’t have much time.

10 days before April 1st, they asked us to help them create a memorable and eye-catching campaign. We sprang into action and developed the double brow.


The best April Fools’ campaigns are fun and walk the line between real and fake. Using this insight we decided to create a fake trend and fake product – “The Double Brow Kit”.

This fake kit would help people create the perfect double-brow look. To launch the product we produced a short video, which was released on Facebook and Instagram.


+260,000 organic views

15.6% engagement rate

+1 million reach