WTF is Clubhouse and why it matters? | The Social Media Sucks Podcast | Ep. 12

Clubhouse is a social media platform for people of all industries.Unlike other platforms that require you to stare at a screen, the Clubhouse app is 100% voice-based. Aside from the moderator’s job of keeping speakers organised, you can use Clubhouse more passively than other social media platforms.The first question that comes to everyone’s mind is probably something like “why Clubhouse when I can just use Zoom without video?”Clubhouse is supposed to be impromptu. You can schedule active room times, but Clubhouse wants to break away from the more formal nature of apps like Zoom with more free-flowing conversations.Think of the highest-earning podcasts like Chapo Trap House. People love those formats because they feel like casual conversations between friends – and that’s exactly what they are.

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