Why Trademarks and Patents are still very relevant with Tine Heide Thomsen | Ep. 53

Today’s guest is Tine Heide Thomsen, the Chief Marketing Officer of the Danish Patent and Trademark Office. Tine is a communications expert with over 17 years of experience in the field and has been with the organization since 2018.The Danish Patent and Trademark Office is a governmental organization dedicated to protecting the intellectual property of Danish businesses and entrepreneurs. The organization’s mission is to encourage all market participants to file trademark and patent claims on its products and services and crack down on bad actors, including counterfeit products and copyright infringement cases.Tine’s main objective is to raise awareness and help intellectual property owners protect their rights. According to the organization’s data, only 12% of small and medium enterprises have patents on their products while claiming that other organizations should protect intellectual property. This led to the rise of fraudulent products on the Danish market, where bad actors actively harm IP owners while contributing to criminal activity funding.

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