What keeps you up at night with social media? | Ep. 58

In this episode, we respond to comments, videos, audio, emails, and more from 22 submissions! TWENTY-TWO! All about what stresses our community about social media, what they're worried about, what problems there are, and where we're headed.

As a sneak peek, our next episode will be all about artificial intelligence! Looking forward to hearing everyone's thoughts on it!


  • Chris Kubbernus
  • Jason Donnelly


  • behindtheshadez
  • _lorriklassen
  • Rob Coe
  • Jose Rosado
  • Jasper
  • Andronikos
  • Luwam
  • Amanda Cross
  • Coldplungecolorado
  • Paul Weber
  • Joseph Quattrone
  • Jordan Scheltgen
  • Vlad Adrian Iancu
  • carsont_90
  • yuzhyu
  • simsekshoots
  • Robert Siddle
  • HungryDane
  • thebalanceguru
  • d.a.sugrue
  • Alvin Lundgren
  • Derek Thompson

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