Unlocking the Secrets to being a Premium Brand While Going Mainstream - Dennis Præst, Starbucks | Ep. 52

In this episode, we sat down with Dennis Korsbæk Præst, Global Brand Manager for Starbucks at Arla Foods. Arla Foods and Starbucks are in a partnership with a licensing deal for retail products in Denmark. Starbucks is a global coffee distribution, roastery, and cafe company currently present in over 80 countries, while Arla Foods is a Danish-Swedish cooperative,  dairy producer, and distributor.The partnership involves an in-house marketing agency in Viby, where Dennis has been in his position for nearly 3 years. He accumulated knowledge from creative agencies and years of experience in marketing and communications from the field. He invites us into the marriage of these two giants and explains the unique challenges he tackles on a daily basis, and some of their methods to resolve problems leveraging their holistic understanding of business, marketing, and communication to maintain the premium image of Starbucks in the Danish landscape.

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