Probably the best Marketing in the World with Charlotte Høgh Damgaard from the Carlsberg Group | Ep. 50

In this episode, we sit down with marketing expert Charlotte Høgh Damgaard from the Carlsberg Group and take a deep dive into the complicated world of marketing alcoholic beverages.Charlotte is the Head of Marketing at Carlsberg’s Alcohol-Free Beer, Cider & Cocktails Department in Denmark. She is a marketing specialist with over 8 years of experience working with the Carlsberg Group. Her contributions to the company include communication material and strategy for brands like Guinness, Grinbergen, and Kronenberg. Here's what you'll learn:- How does an alcohol brand balance selling to bars, restaurants and events and selling to the consumer?- How does a large beverage brand use Data to do better marketing?- When too much data can become a problem- What are the challenges with social media and regulations?- How the growing non-alcohol segment is growing and the marketing challenges of it?- How to get the right channel mixCarlsberg is the world’s largest brewing company, with a presence in over 150 markets worldwide, and over 50% market share in Denmark. A beverage company at this scale has its own unique challenges, including country-specific regulations and limited access to certain media channels. Carlsberg’s core values demand that promoting alcohol has to come with the caveat of responsible consumption. The company sells to retailers but markets to end consumers, which puts them in a difficult spot when it comes to communication strategies. Their selection of products includes soft drinks, ciders, cocktails, and most importantly: beers.

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