Lessons learned when marketing & sales went digital w/ Henrik Spandet | Ep. 41

Wholesale B2B. Wholesale B2C. From push to pull and then back again. NOS. Live-stream shopping. Physical retail. Multi-brand online retail. The in-store experience. Social media. Personal shopping. Offline multi-brand retailing. Department stores. Brand building. Omni-channel. Companies have a buffé of sales and marketing decisions to make. Which one is the right one? Is there a right one? We’ve invited Henrik Spandet to guide us through the digital evolution of sales and marketing and how we’ve reached a scenario where physical and online don’t have to compete but can build on top of each other. Give this episode a listen if you want to Learn what a multi-brand environment is Hear how you effectively enter a new market Discover the interplay between physical and online storesUse social media as a sales tool Tap into showrooming and webrooming Gain some insights into Omni-channel  Bring knowledge from an expert into your business Thank you for listening to the Social Media Sucks podcast 🎧

00:00 Episode intro

01:50 Henrik Spandet introduction 09 Common problems in the lifestyle industry 16 Brands are circling back to the roots 23: How you enter a market today vs “yesterday”

25:10 The in-store experience for department stores

27:30 It’s become really expensive to do business online

30:16 The pandemic-effect  

34:24 Live-stream shopping is the new QVC

43:00 Digital improvements for fashion brands

47:45 Episode wrap-up

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