How to unify brand experience across every channel with Morten Løwenstein, the CMO of Maria Black | Ep. 47

You should target the youth on TikTok, right? Wrong! The youth is also reading emails, using Instagram, going to events, and shopping on Zalando… You have to be everywhere at once if you want to get to all your potential consumers, but you have to prioritize. With the excessive data restrictions of today’s internet, how does a brand gain valuable insights into its consumer segments and their buying habits? Morten Løwenstein shares his views on staying relevant across social media. Morten is the Chief Marketing Officer of Maria Black, a jewelry producer/designer brand, with over 120.000 followers on Instagram. Brands have to touch on many different platforms to interact with their customers, but how do they provide them with a unified brand experience? How can you prioritize and focus on your biggest pain points and improve on the most important aspects of your business? Listen to Morten explain how to deliver great brand experiences on an omnichannel level, and how Maria Black manages their perception.The brand revolves around self-expression, and they pioneered in making genderless products to promote the diversity of their audience. The jewelry of Maria Black has even been worn by celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Kate Middleton - which raises the question: How do you increase brand awareness using celebrity activation? Be sure to listen in if you want to learn more about:The challenges of jewelry brands in marketingWhy the focus on branding is more important than everPros and cons of lab-grown vs earth-grown diamondsIntroducing seasonal jewelryHow to target multiple market segments all at onceKylie Jenner, the unrealized marketing campaignHow royalty can drive salesPlatform dependency of brandsOur guest is accompanied by Yu Zhao and Chris Kubbernus, CEO of Kubbco. Thank you for listening to the Social Media Sucks podcast 🎧

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