How to survive market shifts and connect with your audience in the lifestyle industry | Ep. 45

Do you know your audience? Better yet, do you even know yourself? Businesses should be able to answer these questions to survive and position themselves for long-term success. Kathrine Weicker, the latest guest of the Social Media Sucks Podcast, is a Business Consultant with over 20 years of experience in three different countries. She tells us about the problems creative businesses face in the 21st Century, and how they can differentiate themselves in oversaturated environments. With the consumer expectations of today, willingness to change while preserving the company’s identity is not just nice-to-have, but essential. Kathrine also talks about market conditions, the importance of failure, customer loyalty, post-pandemic cultural shifts and behavioral changes. Your customers expect passion and quality, but they also expect a “why” behind your products. Without a clear communication strategy around your brand, you are unlikely to succeed in the cruel world of modern-day consumerism.Be sure to tune in to the Podcast if you want to learn more about:Which trends are influencing Creative businesses in 2022The most crucial ingredients for successWhen is the right time to seek help and whyHow did Covid-19 change the landscape of Retail businessesWhy did customers gain more control over business decisionsHow can industries adapt to changes in the environmentWhat happens to creatives when communication channels disappearOur guest is accompanied by Yu Zhao and Hawra Hashem. Thank you for listening to the Social Media Sucks Podcast.

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