How to market telecom brands with marketing expert Anders Holvøe from the Telenor Group | Ep. 51

We sat down with Anders Holvøe, Head of Marketing & Digital at Telenor, Denmark. Anders has an immense portfolio of business, marketing, and management experience which he accumulated over the past 15 years, working with creative agencies and in-house marketing teams. He joined the Telenor team in Denmark two and a half years ago. Telenor is one of the largest telecommunications companies worldwide, with over 172 million subscribers, while being the second largest in the Danish market in terms of market share. Anders explains the company’s current marketing approach which enables them to remain relevant and top-of-mind in a highly competitive environment, with over 14 companies competing for industry relevance in Denmark. As budgets have been squeezed due to the recent global market conditions in the post-pandemic era, unique difficulties emerge which require high-level optimization and problem-solving skills. He also talks about the future and how he sees the industry developing in the coming years based on technological advancements and consumer trends, and gives his predictions about the “Metaverse”.

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