How to build great content for social media | Ep. 38

What is great social media content? How do you generate thumb-stopping social media content ideas? And what do you need to build an amazing social media content strategy – one that’s sure to achieve the right kind of response from exactly the people who most need to engage with your content and brand? There may be no better person to put those questions to than Kubbco’s very own Chief Creative Officer, Emils Lukasevics. Emils Lukasevics guested this episode of the Social Media Sucks podcast to share his thoughts and experience from a career dedicated to creating content for social media and other channels – from small documentaries to community-building SoMe campaigns for major international brands. Tap into this long-awaited episode brimming with data, advice and fascinating shout-outs. And sample Emils’ many personal highlights collected as a result of studying brands who set the standard for, and reliably put out the best social media content.Thank you for listening to the Social Media Sucks podcast.

Episode Chapters:

0:00 Intro

1:08 Introducing Emils and what he does for Kubbco

3:06 What good SoMe content is – and how to build it

3:40 Community is king

4:40 Community loyalty

6:29 What it takes to build a really strong brand

6:42 Trends: It’s this way or the highway

7:05 A note on Instagram

7:19 What Bang & Olufsen is doing right now

7:53 Brands that are leading on SoMe are the playful ones

8:57 Only 4% still view the grid

9:38 Cost-benefit analysis and the perfect grid

9:57 DDB and Ogilvy

11:05 Mountain Dew’s genius Super Bowl ad

13:30 Milk your influencer – not literally

14:22 Social media marketing has grown up

15:00 Will the content stand the test of time?

16:21 Problem-based marketing – how we work nowadays

17:00 Content that jumps around between media

17:57 How to make a good concept foundation

20:36 Can the creative concept happen before strategy?

21:42 The relationship between strategy, insights and concept

22:42 The gold is in the comments

23:31 “If you love your man you let him wash his body with Olaplex”

23:50 What Oticon is doing in the social space

25:20 What brands are publishing great content right now? Burger King…

27:20 Maximum Effort and bicycle brands

31:25 Jaja and Coachella

33:06 If you’re a content creator, don’t do this!

34:20 Global average: 90 minutes on TikTok per day!

35:06 What kind of value should content represent?

37:27 The link between traditional and SoMe advertising

38:30 The Big Issue

40:00 Nailing down the terminology around generations

42:20 Recap

43:15 Outro

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