How does a football club like F.C Copenhagen meet fans and business goals? | Ep. 43

If you win, you get likes. If you lose, your audience ignores you. How do you market a sports brand on social media when next week’s content is determined by the outcome of 90 minutes on the field? On the other foot, you have a loyal fanbase as followers who (almost) no matter what, stand in your corner. The club works as a media platform, casts players for campaigns, pitches new ideas to sponsors and feeds multiple channels with high-quality content. How do they maintain a healthy balance between football and business? The trick is to take data and statistics from game days and use them to monetize the fanbase. It works on social, as well as in business. Catch this episode if you want to hear more about:

⚽️ Social trends sports brands can tap into

⚽️ How data helps you get to know your fans

⚽️ Why Chris calls the club a mini-agency

⚽️ Why merch is essential

⚽️ How F.C. Copenhagen became a lifestyle brandWe have Mads Jefsen, Marketing Director at F.C. Copenhagen, who will guide us through the ups and downs of marketing a football club. And yes, we’re talking about soccer for all of you Americans listening. F.C. Copenhagen has over 580K followers on social, has won the Danish Super League 14 times, qualifies yearly for the Champions League, and reached the UEFA Europa League quarter-finals in 2019/20. The club also partners with international brands like Carlsberg, Adidas, Audi, and Unibet.

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