How do you create brand awareness through storytelling for a low-interest product? | Ep. 42

Do tires fuel your creativity machine? Nah, most consumers find it a little tiring... Trying to market a low-interest product like tires to consumers with zero interest can be a challenge. Yet, Continental tells stories from the road like no other that consumers relate to and engage with. The company takes consumer behavior and observations into their digital marketing strategy successfully builds brand awareness and engage the audience. The million-dollar question is – how do they do it? Casper Neumann Svanemose, Marketing Director at Continental lets us in the front seat of how an automotive company does purpose-driven marketing. Other pit stops on the podcast: How you work with storylinesA thousand puns about hatsWhat curiosity does to a marketer The BTS story of the campaign “Share the Road” What safety is for drivers and cyclists  Creating empathy so the SoMe comments explodeEnjoy the ride and thank you for listening to the Social Media Sucks podcast


0:00 Episode intro

02:19 Kasper introduction  

06:43 Working with storylines

08:33 The tier industry  

10:55 Sponsorship with Tour de France

12:47 The Share the Road story

21:04 Spot your opportunities

24:55 Focuses in marketing strategy for B2B & B2C

32:30 We create our own KPIs

36:45 Opportunities on different channels

39:45 “HQ sees us as the freaks of the company”

41:35 Vision and ambition for Continental

46:50 The golden nuggets

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