How brands turn serious business into creative content on TikTok | Ep. 35

Should all brands join TikTok? What is the most successful TikTok marketing strategy? And how to go viral on TikTok as a brand? For a business, it might seem like a big step to join the platform known for its dancing teenage girls, but TikTok has become a global force. Leading to viral trends that influence the news, sold-out product shelves in stores and a deeper connection between brands and consumers. In this episode, you'll learn from our very own Head of TikTok, Malene Hold, about the great creative tool TikTok is and how it stands out from its competitors Gen T, the cross-generational community on TikTok The viral story behind #couchguy TikTok advertising examples the brands that SHOULDN'T join TikTok TikTok influencer marketing best practice show conservative industries can succeed on the platform As always, the expert is accompanied by the lovely hosts Yu Zhao and Chris Kubbernus. Thank you for listening to the Social Media Sucks podcast 🫶

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