Consumer trends in fashion marketing for your social media strategy | Ep. 40

What’s in style this season for fashion brands on social media? Beyond the Y2K style that is. Together with Henrik Eppers, owner of multiple fashion brands and lecturer at Copenhagen School of Design and Technology we’ll dive into the role of social media in the fashion industry. We uncover the interplay of social media and the fashion industry, how they influence one another to change culture and trends, and where we're headed in the future.Prepare to get the answers to

🔹How trendspotting has changed with social media

🔹What fashion marketing's role in the metaverse is

🔹What the latest consumer trends you should incorporate into your social media strategy are  

🔹Why buyers are becoming marketers

🔹And lastly, who wears meme-fashionThis conversation holds a lot of insights, learnings and giggles that you’ll be a part of when you listen to or watch the latest episode of the Social Media Sucks podcast. Alongside our guest, you find the always smiling Chris Kubbernus and Yu Zhao. Happy podcasting!


0:00 Episode introduction

01:15 Guest introduction of Henrik Eppers

5:01 Trend spotting in the digital landscape

6:20 Current trends in the fashion industry

12:23 “Sales data” back in the day

13:30 On-demand and how to avoid waste

16:50 The new role of data-driven marketing  

18:07 Is picture-perfect still a thing for fashion brands?

19:44 How social media and the fashion industry influence each other

24:21 Metaverse on the fashion industry

28:15 The duality of consumers & brands

32:30 Brands that could leverage more on social media

34:15 Social media management today  

38:05 The importance of an omnichannel mindset

40:16 The funnel doesn’t really exist…  

44:50 Changes in the marketing value chain

47:20 The future of the fashion industry

54:19 This episode’s golden nuggets

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