Building Brand Communities w/ Mikkel Thomsen, SOUNDBOKS | Social Media Sucks Podcast | Ep.17

In this week’s episode, Mikkel Hjortshøj Thomsen from SOUNDBOKS comes to visit us: we talk about jumping on the TikTok wagon, the role of online and offline communities on social media, and a possible partnership..? Turn up your SOUNDBOKS (to 11!) and listen to this brand new Social Media Sucks podcast ğŸŽ¶0:00 What is SOUNDBOKS?3:12 SoMe mix04:18 Adding TikTok to the mix06:57 Community building online & offline09:59 Partnering with agencies12:08 Community evolution14:07 User Generated Content16:08 Opportunities in SoMe19:19 Mistakes ("you live you learn")21:44 Future for SOUNDBOKS23:09 Tiktok is the future24:50 Dream partnerships

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