Bridging the gap between virtual and physical realities with Khora | Ep. 46

Do you remember the Virtual Reality craze of the early 2010s? Well, technology is getting better by the day, and if you are like most businesses, you probably have no idea how to leverage it to your advantage. Katrine Konyher, Business Developer and Marketing Specialist of Khora, a Virtual Reality Production company, tells us how businesses of all industries can use VR and AR to boost sales, create more immersive experiences for customers, and go viral on social media. She also describes how brands like IKEA reduced returns by applying Augmented Reality to their online sales process, and how the technology opens up new avenues for medical research and enables therapies we never thought were possible. Be sure to listen in if you want to learn more about:How brands already take advantage of AR/VRNew opportunities created by the technologyCyber Space and Metaverse applicationsHow to utilize True 360-degree experiencesSnapchat filters that make a differenceHow IKEA changed the way we view online shopping AR-enabled sustainability in fashionWhat does VR mean to healthcare professionalsOur guest is accompanied by Yu Zhao and Chris Kubbernus, CEO of Kubbco.Thank you for listening to the Social Media Sucks Podcast.

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