Kubbco was Nominated for a Webby Award in Tourism & Leisure

May 23, 2024
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Copenhagen, Denmark — Kubbco is thrilled to announce its nomination for the esteemed Webby Awards in the Tourism & Leisure category.

This prestigious nomination recognizes Kubbco's exceptional work in harnessing the power of social media to revolutionize the tourism and leisure industry with their partner, Icelandair.

Kubbco's 'Polite Tourist Bouncer' campaign introduced Hugi and highlighted the benefits of Icelandair’s stopover offerings.

Icelandair introduces "The Polite Tourist Bouncer" in new social ad -
The campaign kicked off October, 2023

Stopovers include customers flying between European and North American destinations and booking to stay in Iceland at no additional cost.

Hugi’s job was to make sure that tourists did not overstay their welcome in Iceland, but due to loving it there, this was easier said than done.

The Webby Awards, hailed as the "Internet's highest honor," by The New York Times, celebrates outstanding achievements in digital creativity, establishing the benchmark for innovation and quality on the Internet.

Kubbco's nomination in this competitive category highlights the agency's role as a leader in creative digital solutions tailored to the dynamic needs of the tourism and leisure industry.

There were over 13,000 entries this year.

"We are incredibly honored to be recognized by the Webby Awards," said Emils Lukasevics, Chief Creative Officer at Kubbco. "We always want to push what social media is and how good content is defined. So, I'm super happy to get nominated because it shows that we're actually doing what we set out to do."

Kubbco invites its community to support their nomination by participating in the Webby Awards People's Voice, where the public has the opportunity to vote for their favorite nominees, here.

For more information about Kubbco and its services, please visit their website.

About Kubbco

Kubbco is a leading social media agency specializing in creating innovative digital marketing strategies for the tourism and leisure industry and beyond. With a focus on storytelling, engagement, and results-driven campaigns, Kubbco delivers unique experiences that connect brands with their audiences in meaningful ways.

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Jason Donnelly
Marketing Manager