Finding the Best Content for TikTok to Grow Your Brand

Sep 15, 2023

TikTok is the fastest-growing social media app. By October 2018, it was the most-downloaded photo and video app globally, with over 500 million monthly active users.Due to its popularity, it is a gold mine for brand marketing. You can promote your company using influencers, challenges, contests, hashtags, and more.Now you can learn how to find the best content for TikTok that will grow your brand.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Why Online Content is Important for Your Brand

Your online content is any piece of information that recognizes your brand. It’s like digital footprints – the more content you have out there, the higher your chances are of converting leads by leading them back to your business.Some examples of online content include:

  • Videos
  • Images
  • Graphics
  • Text

Here are three ways you can use online content in your business.

Educate Your Visitors

Videos and text will give your customers information about your brand, product, and industry. This information is vital for letting your visitors know why they should choose your products or services. It also builds brand loyalty by showing them that you know what you are talking about in your industry. In addition, you can also encourage conversions by ending your content with a powerful call to action.

Rank Well in Searches

Every piece of content you create online has the potential of showing up in a Google search. By using keywords, links, and quality content, you can position your content at the top of Google searches. Since over one-quarter of people who perform searches click on the first search result, you want to get your content as close as possible to that spot.

Share Your Content

The internet moves very quickly, with over 7 million new blog posts every day. Because of this ocean of information, users have come to expect regular, unique content. If you don’t publish new content, your business may appear irrelevant. However, the more content you create, the more you can share across all your platforms.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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The Different Types of TikTok Videos

TikTok is a powerful tool for creating content for your brand that is shareable and encourages conversions. Choosing good content for TikTok is a matter of finding what content will attract your market. Here are a few examples of content users publish on TikTok that you can use as inspiration for what to do on TikTok.

Image from TikTok

Viral Social Media Challenges

A social media challenge is usually something dangerous or fun that someone challenges their friends to perform. These challenges are sometimes created purely for entertainment. However, other times brands or businesses make a challenge to promote a product or cause.One notable example is the ice bucket challenge of 2014. Patrick Quinn created it to bring awareness to ALS and encourage donations. The challenge raised over $115 million for the ALS Association and nearly twice that much for global ALS research.

Videos Including a Trending Topic

If you aren’t sure where to start with your TikTok videos, begin with what everyone else is talking about. You can find popular topics by searching hashtags on social media sites. These hashtags will give you a theme or topic to address.For example, in October, two trending topics are Halloween and hockey. So, you could create a dance video in a Halloween costume or create a comedic banter video about hockey that’s relatable for your followers.

Performing a Song or Dance

Many TikTok videos use music or choreography in the video. You have just three minutes or less to convey a message. So, the content is usually fast-paced, with few words and short movements that fit in the video aspect of the platform.Some songs and dances on TikTok go viral and are responsible for boosting artists to the top of music charts. However, if you can’t sing, that’s not a problem. Instead, many users will lip-sync the songs or a piece of famous dialogue.

Showcase Food

The internet saw a 280% growth in food channel subscriptions. Who doesn’t love food? Whether it’s a recipe or just a mouthwatering picture, people eat up content involving anything edible. So there is no surprise that food TikToks are also very popular.While 3 minutes isn’t enough time to showcase the creation of a huge dinner spread, it is enough for a quick montage of snacks or fast midweek recipes with a handful of ingredients.

Capturing Cute Moments

From pets to babies, cute moments are endless. So if you manage to capture one of those smiling or tear-jerking moments on camera, you can post it on TikTok for a chance at temporary TikTok fame.

Relatable Moments

You can create that “Yes, that is some!” moment through your TikTok videos by filming a relatable moment. These take the form of questions and answers, dialogues, or snippets of everyday life.

Beauty Shots

People also like to admire other people through beauty videos. These can be videos that showcase a makeup look, a moving selfie, or a quick fashion show.

Sharing a Hobby

Whether you like to cook, draw, game, sew, or create science projects – you can share your hobby or discovery through a quick video that gives a how-to demonstration before showing the final outcome.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

How to Pick the Best TikTok Content for Your Brand

But how can you leverage those types of content for your brand? Here are four ways you can use TikTok content to grow your business and boost your brand.

1. Using Influencers

An influencer is a TikTok user who already has a large following. You can use their position to promote your brand and products through collaborations.For example, American Eagle collaborated with Addison Rae. Therefore, she would wear American Eagle clothing in her videos while she performed her dances. She then added a hashtag or a link back to American Eagle to encourage others to purchase from the same brand.

2. Creating Challenges

Since challenges are a popular type of TikTok video, you can encourage that trend by starting your own challenge. If the challenge goes viral, hundreds or thousands of users will link back to your website and brand as they try and complete the challenge through their accounts.One example is Colgate’s “Make Mom Smile” challenge. In this challenge, Colgate asked its followers and others to film themselves making their moms smile for Mother’s Day. Users shared pictures of their mothers, videos of kind acts, and shots of Mother’s Day gifts. Each post had the Colgate #MakeMomSmile hashtag that sent people back to Colgate’s brand page.

3. Hosting Contests

A contest is similar to a TikTok challenge. With a contest, you create perimeters and a goal, then ask users to post videos meeting the qualifications along with a pre-designated hashtag. Finally, you choose a winner and will often offer them a prize.One example of this was Chipotle who created the #GuacDance challenge. In this contest, participants had to submit a dance video to the “Guacamole Song” in exchange for free guacamole at Chipotle.

4. Promoting Your Hashtag

When you use TikTok content for brand awareness, be sure to choose a strong hashtag or two to associate with your brand. You can use this hashtag in challenges and contests, and for influencers to use when promoting your brand. In addition, you can use it creatively in other ways to drive traffic back to your brand.For example, users use the hashtag #starbucks when including the drink in their posts. However, for Starbucks’s 50th anniversary, it also introduced #starbucks50 as another way to link back to the brand’s page.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

How to Grow Your Content

The best way to nurture and grow your content on TikTok is by watching the trends on the site. Instead of blindly posting content you think people want to see, mirror your content off of what is popular. However, be sure to add substance to your videos to make them unique to gain attention.Your videos don’t have to stay on TikTok. You can also share them on your other social platforms like Instagram and Facebook.Lastly, make sure your target audience knows you are active on TikTok. One way to do this is by commenting and interacting with users on the platform. If someone comments on your video, be sure to acknowledge it by responding. You can also search your hashtags and comment on other videos that took the time to tag your brand.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What Content is Best for Your Brand?

There are many very effective marketing techniques on TikTok. However, there is no single “best content” on TikTok for businesses. Each brand has needs unique to its industry. For example, food and clothing brands would work well with influencers as they could share the product on their videos. On the other hand, a brand that offers services may not have as much luck with TikTok influencers as they aren’t selling anything visual. So, they have to promote their services in another way.You can get help finding the best content for your brand by contacting our social media experts at Kubbco.

Malene Hold
Head of TikTok

TikTok and social media expert helping clients leverage the power of viral concepts to grow their businesses.

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