10 Reasons You Need a Social Media Marketing Strategy in 2022

Sep 15, 2023

Social media is the secret ingredient for changing a blasé marketing strategy into an innovative and immersive modern marketing experience.Because of the advanced capabilities of social platforms, they are quickly becoming the most important marketing tools for successful campaigns in 2022. Through social media, you can reach more of your audience with relevant and memorable content that builds trust and converts leads.Learn ten benefits of using social media for marketing and how to develop an effective social media marketing strategy in 2022.

How Social Media Marketing Is Changing in 2022

Social media is no longer just a community for sharing vacation photos or images of your pet dog. Consumers use it in every part of their lives, making it a strategic tool for marketers to connect with consumers.Over half of consumers use social media to discover new brands, learn about new products, interact with their favorite companies, and make purchases. When customers have a positive interaction with a brand on social media, they are more likely to buy from the brand in the future.

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Technology Is Transforming Social Media

Social media in 2022 is changing how consumers interact with marketing content. Previously, traditional written content dominated the marketing world. Today social media is generating more interest in multimedia experiences beyond the written word. Social media video marketing is one of the most popular forms of media, with TikTok quickly growing in popularity among the younger generations.Social media platforms are also experimenting with emerging technology. For example, artificial intelligence and mixed reality offer more immersive social and shopping experiences. Social channel owners like Meta are already tapping into this technology by introducing versions of the metaverse, where users interact with brands and each other using virtual reality.

How to Translate Marketing Goals to Social Media Goals

Even though your social media strategies will look different than your traditional marketing efforts, your goals should remain aligned.Here are four primary marketing goals you can turn into social media goals:

  • Brand awareness: Target and interact with a broader audience through social media campaigns
  • Lead generation: Engage your followers and turn them into leads
  • Lead nurturing: Educate and build trust with your audience through relevant posts and thought leadership
  • Conversion: Use social media ecommerce to turn leads into customers, aligning sales and marketing goals

10 Benefits of Adding Social Media to Your Marketing Plan

Explore ten benefits of having a social media strategy plan in 2022, and how it will help you accomplish your marketing goals through your social channels.

1. Reach a Broader Target Audience

About half of the world’s population is on social media, with more users joining every day. In 2021, social media grew by 13.5 users every second. The average person spends nearly two and a half hours on social media every day. As social media expands, people’s time on their accounts also grows.This large crowd is an opportunity for businesses to increase their brand awareness and generate new leads. In addition, social media is a chance to interact with potential customers you may not have access to through traditional marketing strategies.Social media provides access to more filters and demographic information than other marketing channels. This data helps you target a specific audience. Social media audience targeting increases the quality of your leads because you get your content in front of the right audience.

2. Build Better Customer Relationships

Relationship marketing builds long-term relationships with customers rather than focusing on a quick sale. Since 65% of your business comes from loyal customers, they are a customer segment that deserves your attention.Relationship marketing establishes trust by personalizing your approach so that customers want to return to you in the future. Social media’s community emphasis makes it the ideal marketing platform for relationship marketing.Some ways you can use it to build better customer relationships include:

  • Building trust with potential new customers through authentic posts
  • Being personal in your posts
  • Nurturing leads by educating them about the business
  • Solving pain points and offering customized solutions
  • Interacting through comments, social media messengers, and forums

3. Create Unique Marketing Content

About 97% of marketers use content marketing as part of their strategy. Additionally, 69% say social media is their top channel for distributing their content.Social media is opening new opportunities for content marketers because of advancing technology and platform capabilities. Upgrading your content marketing strategies positions you as an innovative leader in your industry.Consider these creative social media content formats to help you create the best social marketing campaigns:

  • Live video
  • Reels
  • Employee generated content
  • Follower generated content
  • Influencer marketing
  • Virtual events

4. Build Trust with Your Audience

Building trust with your audience paves the way to converting leads into customers. Without a foundation of trust, your audience won’t want to invest their time or money in your business.Most customers rely on social proof like reviews or case studies before purchasing from a brand. In addition, social media encourages customer interaction and increases the number of comments and reviews new customers can read.You can use your platform to build a transparent and authentic relationship with your customers by sharing information about your brand, posting pictures of your company culture, and building relationships. Your content will back up your claims with quality and educational thought leadership content that inspires or entertains your followers.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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5. Focus on Storytelling

Brand storytelling shifts from a focus on what you are selling to highlighting why you are selling. Marketers have seen greater success using storytelling strategies over other marketing methods.Storytelling makes your brand relatable, provides social proof, and builds a transparent brand. Some examples of storytelling might be a case study from a satisfied customer whose life changed because of your product. You may even tell stories about a cause you support to show you care about more than your bottom line.Another reason customers relate more to storytelling is that it’s more memorable. Instead of facts and figures, you are sharing faces and names. People and emotions stay in customers’ minds longer than cookie-cutter marketing strategies.Social media and its multimedia experience are ideal for storytelling that maximizes the emotional impact.

6. Use Fewer Resources

Social media marketing is much more affordable than most other traditional marketing strategies. One of the primary reasons it’s so cost-efficient is because most social media channels are free. You can sign up and begin posting organic content at absolutely no cost to your business beyond content creation costs.If you invest in paid advertising or influencer marketing strategies, you will still spend much less than other marketing channels. Even when you invest in marketing agencies, tracking software, and social media management tools, you will continue coming out on top because of social media’s high return.Most marketers saw a positive ROI from their social media marketing efforts. However, most social media returns aren’t measured by a dollar amount. Below are a few examples of other ways marketers measure their returns:

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7. Create More Content

The average business publishes content three to four times a week. However, posting once or twice a day is optimal for maximizing your reach and encouraging engagement.The fast pace of social media and the opportunity to distribute more content helps you stay in front of people throughout the day. In addition, your customers are less likely to forget about you with your content showing up in their newsfeed daily versus only interacting with your content when they visit your website or check their email.

8. Communicate with Your Customers

Social media expands the ways you can communicate with your customers. You aren’t limited to only connecting through your website, email, or phone. Instead, you can also talk through social media messengers, comment sections, and forums.These new channels let you solve more customer issues and improve the customer experience. Customers can also easily reach out for information when researching different products.

9. Measure Your Results

Without measurable results, you won’t know whether your marketing efforts are worth the investment. Social media lets you know whether or not you were successful.Before starting a social media marketing campaign, set a goal based on past performance and industry data. You will know you have a successful social media campaign when you reach or surpass those benchmarks.Some of the metrics you can use to measure your success and know whether you achieved your marketing goals include:

  • Engagement rate
  • Impressions
  • Conversions
  • New leads
  • Customer interactions

10. Learn More About Other Users

Social listening is the top social media campaign strategy marketers use for social media marketing. Marketers use social platforms to track what others are saying about their brand. These insights are valuable for creating successful social media campaigns based on relevant topics and addressing known pain points.Social listening is an active strategy that isn’t simply monitoring mentions of your brand online. It also includes responding to comments and tags. These interactions give more valuable insights into your customers.Customers aren’t the only people you can analyze on social media. You can also use the platform to monitor and collect data on your competition. Use this data to stay ahead of others in your industry with the latest trends and most effective social media strategies.

Add a Social Media Marketing Strategy to Your Campaigns

At Kubbco, we understand social media because we spend hours working with different channels every day. We don’t just have the head knowledge but also the hands-on experience to take your social media strategy to the next level.Contact us and expand your marketing strategies to social media.

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