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Olaplex collabs with Kubbco for Twitter and TikTok

Blog / Aug 12, 2021

Olaplex collabs with Kubbco for Twitter and TikTok

Chris Kubbernus
CEO - Kubbco

Global beauty brand OLAPLEX partners with social agency Kubbco for TikTok and Twitter. Kubbco will provide strategy, content and performance marketing efforts for these platforms.

Ranked as one of the highest engagement hair care brands on social media platforms, OLAPLEX is a go-to brand for both stylists and consumers. It offers a combination of products exclusive to salons and products available through both the professional and retail channels.

Chris Kubbernus, CEO of Kubbco said, “We look forward to working with the entire OLAPLEX team to deepen the brand’s strong customer recognition globally and further develop its ability to speak and sell to consumers directly.”

“Since founding Kubbco, I have never been more excited about our future,” says Kubbernus. “I want to continue to build on the strong foundation that we’ve put in place, making sure that we continue to have the best creative, the best people, and the best culture to drive our business forward.”