A heritage brand about creating content for social media | Ep. 37

How does a heritage brand live on social media? In this episode of the Social Media Sucks podcast, we have Maja Fabech, Head of Social Media and Influencers at Matas with us. And if you don’t live in Denmark, you’re probably wondering what Matas is? Matas is an institution when it comes to beauty and health products. The audience is as versatile as the product catalog, the in-store customer experience is a trademark and the company date back to 1949. So what can this 73-year-old brand teach us about social media strategy? The answer is… A LOT. Matas has become a huge success on TikTok with its insightful, creative and relatable content that resonates with both Gen Z and boomers. The brand is also an inspiration for utilizing the social platforms' shopping features in its social media strategy. In this episode, we go behind the scenes to discuss how a heritage brand lives (and thrives) on social media.  Give this episode a listen if you want to learn about:How you grow your social media teamTikTok production VS. other content production How to be diverse without being overly cringe Matas impressive TikTok saga Streamlining the in-store experience with social commerce Ideating and creating content for social media Gen Z humor, is it that different? Create synergy between platforms Matas in-house TikTok stars How to listen to your social media communityAlongside Maja Fabech, we have the brilliant duo Yu Zhao and Chris Kubbernus. Thank you for listening to the Social Media Sucks podcast 🎧


00:47 Introducing the heritage brand, Matas

01:40 Maja Fabech, the Head of Social Media & Influencers at Matas introduction

06:24 Attitude towards competitors

07:50 How Matas’ treat each channel and the overarching goal

10:35 Synergy between different platforms

13:26 Measure your content with the “right” KPIs  

14:13 Instagram’s & Facebook’s shopping feature

15:10 Chris’ social add-to-bag behavior

16:55 Instore vs social media customer experience

21:28 Customer experience instore = community management online?

23:19 Convert online followers into actual buyers

25:35 Matas on TikTok

32:56 Challenges when developing a new tone of voice

35:39 Find your TikTok stars in-house

37:00 TikTok production vs other content production

39:31 Advice on how to get on TikTok

42:10 Strategy improvements for different platforms

44:05 6 golden nuggets

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