How to Get on the Creator Fund on TikTok

Dec 12, 2023

You may have heard about Addison Rae, who made $5 million in one year on TikTok. Or Charli D’Amelio with $4 million annual earnings.Your TikTok videos may not reach the popularity required for those seven-digit annual incomes. However, you can still make money through TikTok by joining their Creator Fund.We will look at just how to get on the Creator Fund on TikTok and what other options are available for boosting your income and reach.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

What the Creator Fund is on TikTok

TikTok launched the Creator Fund in July 2020. It was a way for creators to earn some income for the time and effort they invested into the platform. In TikTok’s own words, it is “there to celebrate and support the best and brightest talent on our platform.” In addition, they wanted to give the opportunity for their creators to turn TikTok content creation into a career.TikTok called it a fund because it isn’t the same as a grant or revenue sharing program. Instead, creators need to qualify for the fund by meeting specific content criteria. Then, their financial return depends on how well their content meets the requirements. However, there is no limit as to how many people can get in the TikTok Creator Fund.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Criteria for Joining the Creator Fund

Anyone can get the Creator Fund on TikTok by upgrading their account to a Pro account, accessing Creator tools under account settings, and choosing the TikTok Creator Fund. Once you’ve confirmed your age and agreed to the terms and conditions, your application is ready.To get a TikTok creator fund account, you also need to meet the following criteria:

  • You need to be based in the US, UK, France, Germany, Spain, or Italy.
  • You need to be 18 years old or older.
  • Your account should have at least 10,000 followers.
  • You need at least 100,000 video views in the last 30 days.
  • Your account needs to adhere to the TikTok Community Guidelines and terms of service

If TikTok declines your application, you can reapply again in 30 days.

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How Funds are Calculated through the Creator Fund

Your funds depend on many factors, including:

  • Number of views on your content
  • The authenticity of your views
  • Amount of engagement on your content
  • Adherence of content with TikTok’s community guidelines and terms of service

Since video engagement varies daily, so does the fund. The amount each person receives each day also depends on how many videos are published. Many of the details on how to earn funds are vague. Some report earning over a thousand dollars, while others say they only make a few cents a day.One user had a positive outlook about the fund and shared that her best TikTok video earned her $70 in two days. While this amount may not seem like much at first glance, Anika was delighted with her earnings. She said that the video only took three minutes to create, and she didn’t do it for money. Therefore, anything she makes is more than she expected.The good news is that there is no limit to how much you can earn. TikTok has already budgeted about £231 million for the next three years.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

How to Become a TikTok Creator

Anyone who publishes content on TikTok is a creator. However, TikTok does reserve the term for those who contribute the most valuable content on the site. You have several ways to become a TikTok creator.One way is by earning the TikTok Popular Creator badge through quality content, viewer engagement, and plenty of likes. Many of those who previously earned a crown when TikTok was also received the Popular Creator badge.On the other hand, the verified account badge shows you are an authentic brand or person, which builds trust with your viewers. The badge isn’t for the average user. Instead, it is reserved for more famous users, brands, and businesses as protection against others impersonating them.So, if you want to qualify for this badge, you need several of the following to be a TikTok creator:

  • Between 500-2,000 new followers each day
  • Consistently increasing watch times
  • A feature in the media
  • Multiple viral pieces of content
  • A verified account on other platforms

The last way to be a creator on TikTok is by joining the Creator Fund for a chance at compensation for your hard work and investment.

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The Benefits of Being a Creator on TikTok

TikTok has over 689 million active users globally. As a creator, you can reach that audience with your message, content, and creativity. Being a TikTok creator can be a fun outlet but also an effective marketing tool for building brand awareness.Unlike other video platforms like YouTube, TikTok’s app automatically plays videos as viewers scroll through content, increasing the number of views you may receive. You also have a greater chance that your viewers will stick around for the whole video since they are limited to 3 minutes or less.When you are also part of the Creator Fund, you have a greater chance of seeing your content as a recommended video. Recommended videos show up on people’s feeds as they scroll through TikTok. If you can maximize your exposure and grow your following to 1,000 people, then you can also use the live-streaming option to talk with your viewers on the go.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

The Tools TikTok Offers Creators

Even if you don’t qualify for the Creator Fund, TikTok Pro has many other powerful tools to help you rise to TikTok success as a creator. The difference between a regular TikTok account and the Pro account is the analytical features available.TikTok Pro allows you to track your videos’ performance, views, and interactions. This data lets you know what content is working and which videos aren’t engaging your followers. Of course, the average TikTok user may not be interested in this information because they create what they want just for fun.However, if you are a creator and want to earn an income from your account, you need to care about what people interact with.Here are a few items you can find in your analytics tool through TikTok.

  • Daily video views
  • Overall video count
  • Number of video posts
  • Which of your videos are trending
  • Your total play time
  • Total views
  • Average watch time
  • Where your viewers come from

TikTok Pro can also tell you demographic information about who is viewing your videos. For example, if most of your viewers are young females, you will tailor your content to that age group.

What Video Editing Tools are Available

You don’t have to invest in fancy video editing equipment to become a creator on TikTok,. Thanks to its editing tools, you can do all your shooting and editing right through the app.After or during shooting, you can add effects and filters to change your face or the background. You can also add sounds to the video. For example, many people like to use music for dance challenges or have fun lip-syncing to popular lyrics or quotes.One handy feature that TikTok’s built-in video editor offers is the ability to speed up or slow down your video. Since you are restricted to a 3-minute video, you will want to maximize every second of content. Therefore, you can fit more content in that time limit by speeding up parts of the video while playing the most important parts at regular speed to emphasize your message.But you don’t have to feel restricted to using the app and its tools. If you would like to use an outside camera and video editor, you can. Just upload the completed video to TikTok when you are finished.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

How Creators and Brands can Collaborate

Brands can benefit from TikTok and the large number of views you can receive in a short time. For example, Popl posted a 13-second video of their product, and within just two days, they received 10 million views.However, when you post using your brand name, you risk coming across as salesy. Instead, if you collaborate with a creator, you also give your brand an extra level of authenticity and credibility.A creator will create and post a video on their page, tagging your brand. The video can either be a script your brand wrote or something the creator developed. Allowing creators the freedom to use their ideas often also gives the video a more natural feel.In return, you will sponsor the influencer with free products or a financial contribution. In this way, you are earning visibility through the creator’s large follower base, and they are making an income doing what they love.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Need Help Creating Content for Your Brand Creator?

Whether you are using an in-house creator or an established TikTok creator, your content is key to bringing in leads. For example, a well-crafted video can spark people’s interest. Meanwhile, a poorly executed shot may make leads second-guess your brand.While you can give your creators some creative freedom, you may also want to consider guiding their content, so it matches your brand.Talk with our team of social media experts for some ways to create social media content that converts.

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