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We grew Naturli’s account to over 200,000 followers in 12 months

  • Client: Naturli
  • Category: Social Media Campaigns, Social Strategy, TikTok
  • Date: Feb 2023

Would you listen to a brand acting as a Karen?

The Office gif. Rainn Wilson as Dwight carefully considers the answer to a question as he speaks to us. Text, "Let's put it this way..." He gently shakes his head. Text, "No."

Our strategy was a 2-step combination of:


an organic content creation process


TikTok’s powerful advertising tool – SPARK ADS.

Targeting our best-performing videos toward key markets in order to scale organic success with an endless stream of content.


The content was built on

three crucial content pillars

Animated GIF

Wipe up your drool.

We know it looks delicious!

Just like our results…

The spark ads were a great success and the campaign saw a complete view-through rate of 23% a like rate of 1.6% a cost per mille of 8.2 DKK beating all benchmarks ending up here.

We hit target markets such as the UK, Germany, Australia, Denmark and New Zealand.

Beyond this, we grew the account to over 200,000 followers in 12 months.

And we had over 1,000,000 interactions with the community!

Thanks to a successful paid strategy.

The secret ingredient to our successful recipe? We didn’t create ads. We made TikToks and then used them as ads!