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Kubb&Co. is a global digital agency that specializes in digital strategy development and execution.

We combine native digital skills, creativity and business acumen to provide clients with transformative solutions that propel their businesses forward.

Where we differ is in our proven ability to think AND do in real-time. Many consultancy houses can spend weeks making PowerPoints, we can strategize and execute quickly to make digital products (applications, websites, digital campaigns, social media campaigns, digital content), and then get the awareness, traction, retention and loyalty needed to truly win in digital.

We offer clients tailored solutions that create real and measurable results.

Digital Strategy
Transform your business

Digital strategy is business strategy. It's no longer a nice-to-have element of your marketing strategy. Digital is beyond that and we have the expertise and hands-on skills to help you.

Identity Creation
Logos, Branding & More

People have more options and information than ever before, great branding can cut through that noise. This is why identity is critical if you want to seperate yourself from your competition.

Social Media
Content, Community Management & Paid Social

Social media is where people spend their time. So ignoring social media in your digital strategy is the same as ignoring your customers and potential customers.

Web Design & Development
Create your websites and campaigns with us

Web design isn't dead, but it has changed dramatically. Today we think mobile first and use the Internet of Things (IoT) to create emersive, value-adding and fast web experiences.

E-Commerce & Digital Business
Selling and solving online

Anyone can open a webshop today. But if you want to win in digital business and e-commerce you need to be a master or mistress of digital marketing, UX, buyer psychology and branding.

App Design & Development
Mobile and desktop experiences that delight customers.

Apps are a great way to connect with and create value for your stakeholders. The trick is creating a great user experience that has people coming back and back again.

Growth Hacking/Marketing
Finding shortcuts to growth

Some people say there's no such thing as shortcuts in business. This isn't true. We've got the in-house talent that can help you rapidly attract customers, convert them, retain them and turn them into fans.

Content Marketing
The lynch pin to better marketing

Content marketing is a hot but missunderstood topic. What's for sure is that content is critical to building relationships with buyers and to selling your products.

Video Production
Web video, live streaming and animation

Video as part of an overall content strategy, or as a one-off production can help you increase awareness and engage with your stakeholders. But you need to have a clear message, story and call-to-action.

They really opened our eyes to how our purely data-driven content could be used in a creative way in digital marketing.

Renata Hansen

Digital Brand Manager, Coloplast Wound Care

How We Execute Quickly


Define Target

What are the challenges? What are the goals? Two important questions that we help companies answer in order to define what we are aiming for and what possible solutions we can deliver. We do this in a very slim and quick process.


Outline Plan

We don't make big hairy plans. We make simple strategies that are based on iteration and speed-to-market. We outline what we will do to solve the challenges and meet the goals, and what insights led us to those conclusions.


Execute & Refine

Execution is critical, too many agencies fail on this part. We execute in an agile way by testing our ideas, refinining, launching, checking results and then doing it over and over again. It's called real-time marketing, and we believe in it.



Evaluation is about checking our results against our goals and adjusting for the next activity. We provide reporting and analytics that are deep enough to gain real insight from, but simple enough to present to non-technical stakeholders.

Common Questions

  • Q: Do you provide hosting

    A: Absolutely, whether you need a web app or web site, we can provide you with full domain name, hosting and cloud services.

  • Q: Do you guys do spec work?

    A: Spec work is free concept, design or other marketing work to help clients test our solutions before they buy. Yes we do spec work, but it depends on the client.

  • Q: Do you provide estimates or quotes?

    A: Yes. We like to provide estimates early in our process. Typically in your very first meeting with us we will be able to get a sense of the amount of work that is needed and can give a proposal on the spot.

  • Q: Can I work for you?

    A: We are always looking for the best-of-the-best people to join our team. If you think you got what it takes, drop us a line.

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Why You Should Choose Us?

Simply put - because we get shit done. Excuse our bad language but it's true. So many digital agencies spend too much time talking and not enough time solving problems.

They waste your money on trivial analysis, PowerPoints and telling you things you already know. We get started quickly. Because the truth is speed-to-market, real-time marketing and iteration are critical in today's high-paced always-on world.

Feel the difference

The best marketing is happy customers and in order to create happy customers you need results, a positive experience and fantastic customer service. We excel at all of these.

We'd love to present our client cases to you and give your some inspiration for your project. We work with start-ups to big brands and everyone in between.

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What Our Clients Say

  • A pleasure to work with and their focus on growth has helped us tremendously. Sillas Poulsen - COO & Co-founder, Newsio

  • The big difference working with Kubb&Co. has been their creative approach, speed of execution and they are fun to work with. Khilola Shukurova - Director, Head of Global Brand Management - Coloplast

  • We choose Kubb&Co. because they are cost-effective and have deep expertise in digital. Trine Hedegaard - Director, YoginiYoga